Thursday, September 20, 2012

Close integration between Google Plus and YouTube

Google has started establishing close integration between its video sharing web site YouTube and Social networking product Google+.

Few days back, when I signed-in to my YouTube account, a wizard like screen was shown for allowing my YouTube channel  to use my Google+ profile name.

i-e My YouTube Channel will show the Channel name as "Rajamanickam Antonimuthu" instead of "qualitypointtech" while the URL still uses the word "qualitypointtech"

After doing this change, I am seeing my Google Plus profile link in my YouTube Channel page.

And, I came to know that we can add Google+ profile page or any Google+ Post URL as Link in the YouTube video annotations. Previously we can use only the YouTube links.

Recently I did some analysis about the growth potential for the YouTube videos, and I came to know that there is a huge growth potential  for YouTube.

So, I am planning to use YouTube effectively. Right now we are working on uploading inspiring and motivational Quotes videos. And, we plan to upload many useful videos in near future. So, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the updates about our coming videos.

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