Saturday, September 15, 2012

[Solved] Micro USB port problem in Samsung phones.

Few days back the below error message started appearing in the computer while connecting the Samsung Galaxy phone (GT-S5360) to the computer thro' USB port.

USB Device Not Recognized

One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it

When I checked the Device Manager in the computer, it was showing as "Unknown Device" on expanding the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" node.

After seeing these error messages I thought the driver for the device might have corrupted. So, I uninstalled the Samsung Kies and then installed it again. Before doing this, I tried "repair" of Samsung Kies. But it didn't help to solve the error.

I tried by connecting the Device to the different USB port. Same error "USB Device Not Recognized" was shown for all ports.

Even I tried to connect the device to other computer also. But the same USB error was appearing in that computer also.

And then I noticed a very strange thing. i-e the Battery charging indication was getting shown on the Samsung phone even after I unplugged the USB cable.

So, I decided that this error is NOT related to the USB port. Either the USB cable should be faulty or there should be some issue with the android software or device.

Then I tried to charge the device using AC adopter charger. Similar to USB connection, battery charging indication was getting shown on the device even after removing the AC charger. It clearly indicates that the USB cable may not be reason for this problem.

So, I decided that there should be some problem in the device. I had done lot of search for USB error message, and searched about the battery charging indication problem also.

I was surprised to see that huge number of people are facing these issues. There were lot of discussions about them in many Android forums.

I found many suggestions asking to remove the battery and attach it after few minutes. I tried it many times. But nothing got changed.

Many Android forum people suggested to do "Factory Reset" of the Samsung mobile device.

I did "Factory Reset" too by taping Settings->Privacy->Factory Data Reset.

Warning:Note that "Factory Reset" will remove all the data (including contacts stored in phone) from the Phone.

The problems continue even after doing the Factory Reset.

Some people suggested to do the Factory Reset by dialing *2767*3855# (Warning: It will erase your phone Data). I tried this option also. But No improvement.

And, I couldn't understand the difference between doing Factory Reset by dialing *2767*3855# and by taping Settings->Privacy->Factory Data Reset. If you know the difference you can share it thro' the comments.

Finally I found some forum posts saying that this problem will be due to the problem in the Micro USB port of the device. As per their suggestion, I used a small pin to move the center component in the Micro USB port towards the Device Screen side slightly. (Warning: Make sure that you removed the Battery, SIM Card, SD memory Card before doing anything with the Micro USB port).

Surprisingly it solved the issue.. Battery charging indication is getting appeared only when doing the actual charging. And, USB connection also made without any error, and the Samsung Kies also detected the device.

I had to spend lot of time and efforts to find this simple solution. Android forum people are saying that many people are facing this kind of issue. Just replacing the device from samsung also won't help. Because many people are saying that their replacement device also starting experiencing these issues in few days. It seems there is some design level issue in the micro USB port of many samsung devices. So, You may share this post so that any one facing this issue can solve them easily.

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