Sunday, September 30, 2012

Improved the Page loading speed of TheQuotes.Net

Few days back, I had written a blog post about making our Motivational Quotes website "TheQuotes.Net" mobile friendly.

I explored various options for making mobile friendly website, and started implementing simple way as discussed in the previous post.

i-e I installed a wordpress plug-in "WPtouch" which uses different theme for mobile devices. We need not do anything for making it work. Just we have to install the wordpress plug-in WPTouch and activate it after enabling it in Cache plugin also.

It will automatically detect various mobile devices and will apply mobile friedly theme on them. The web version of the site will NOT be affected in any way. And, the default mobile theme was looking good.

But I had to immediately deactivate this plugin as many pages were not loading on mobile devices. Because we used custom php coding in those pages. Anyway this plugin-in will be good option if you are using simple wordpress site without any custom php coding.

So, I am looking for other options to make our quotes site mobile friendly. Time being, I have decided to improve the page loading speed of TheQuotes.Net so that the same web theme can load fast in mobile also. It will help to improve the SEO also as Google is giving more importance for "page loading speed" while deciding SERP rank for any website.

As a first step to improve the page loading speed, I removed the facebook like box, as it took more time to load. And, I believe it won't affect the 'Facebook likes' as my previous study shows that people are NOT liking the facebook page from the quotes website.

As suggested by many performance measuring tools, I updated the code to load the jquery js files from Google servers instead of loading them from our own server.

And, I installed WP Minify wordpress plugin for compressing and combining CSS style files and multiple javascript files. CSS was working fine after activating Minify plugin, but js files gave error. So, I used the WPMinify plugin only for compressing HTML content and for compressing/combining css files. For javascript files, I used the Minify option offline and included the compressed/combined file manually.

After doing these changes, the page loading speed of TheQuotes.Net was improved significantly, and I am still looking for various options to improve the performance.

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