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The Future of Education and Technology - Guest Post

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Technology for the classroom has evolved in several exciting ways over the past few decades. With the advent of new communication tools like the Internet, it’s possible for students to connect with educators around the globe. The following guide explores how technology can be useful in the classroom.

Understanding Traditional Classrooms

Traditional classrooms rely on a single teacher managing a classroom of students. This educational paradigm extends all the way to college. While traditional classroom lectures can be useful when there is an interactive element, they have several significant disadvantages.

With a traditional classroom, a teacher can only educate a finite number of students. Since training and hiring new teachers can be an expensive prospect for many schools, some will try to save money by hiring part-time teachers and teaching assistants. In many cases, these individuals won’t have the same educational credentials as full-time teachers. In addition, they may provide an inferior educational experience for students.

Understanding New Communication Technologies

With new communication technologies, it’s possible for students to learn from the best educators on the planet. By using standardized learning platforms, it’s possible to quickly and easily educate a wide variety of students from across the globe.

Some colleges, like the Michigan Institute of Technology, are already implementing this educational paradigm into their programs. For example, it’s possible to take some engineering classes online. By watching a pre-recorded or live lecture, it’s possible for students to benefit from high-quality teachers from the comfort of their own home. In addition, students can interact with professors during live lectures. This can be a great way for students to remain engaged in a learning program.

It’s also possible to test a student’s progress through a series of guided learning exercises. By providing interactive online learning tools, it’s possible to make sure that students are learning material quickly and effectively. In addition, online lecturers can look at overall test performance to determine what areas need additional attention.

With online learning programs, it’s possible to significantly reduce the cost of education. Since a single professor can teach thousands of students at the same time, there’s no limit on the number of students that a single classroom can have. In addition, this process allows schools to hire higher quality teachers.

The Advantages of Standardized Learning

Instead of hiring lots of average teachers to manage smaller classrooms, it’s possible to hire a single professor to teach students. Since this professor has the ability to do the job of many different teachers, it’s often possible to pay him or her a very high salary. Because of this, it’s possible to give students access to the most interesting and engaging lecturers in the world.

Teachers can still play a role in the classroom of the future. Instead of teaching students directly, teachers can be used to provide additional learning support to students. For example, students can be asked to watch lectures outside of class as homework. In the classroom, students can complete exercises that would traditionally be considered homework. However, students in a classroom will have access to teachers who can help tutor them on different subjects.

In the future, it may be possible for students to manage their entire educational experience through the Internet. While this will allow for improved access to education and reduced costs, it’s important to remember that human interaction is an important part of the human development process. By integrating online learning with real-life exercises, it’s possible to build a classroom of the future.
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