Monday, November 5, 2012

Anonymous Hackers claim to leak 28K Paypal passwords on Global Protest Day "November 5th" (Guy Fawkes Day)

Today I had received an email from paypal saying that my subscription payment for the hostgator hosting got declined.

I couldn't find any reason for this issue from my side as my credit card is in Good standing, and the subscription payment was working properly for many months without any issue, and I haven't made any changes in hostgator account, paypal account or in my credit card account.

So, I thought there should be some problem with either paypal or the Credit card side.

When I searched for "paypal", I came to know that there is some problem from paypal side.

Anonymous Hackers have announced that they hacked many paypal accounts. It seems they have published around 28K paypal account passwords in private paste document. (Now, it got removed).

And, it seems Anonymous Hackers hacked Symantec and Australian Government websites also for marking November 5th as a global day of protest. (i-e Guy Fawkes Day)

Guy Fawkes was a Catholic conspirator arrested for plotting to blow up the English Parliament on Nov. 5, 1605. He’s become something of an icon for Anonymous activists;

Guy Fawkes Day, on Nov. 5, is a popular British holiday that commemorates Fawkes’ arrest, and it’s also a popular day of action for Anonymous Hackers. Last year, they threatened to close down Facebook on Nov. 5, 2011 without success.


Paypal has informed that Paypal is NOT attacked by Anonymous Hackers.

Since paypal is saying that there is no problem from their side, I contacted my credit card company. And, they confirmed that there is no issue with my Credit Card. And, as per their suggestion I had tried to use my credit card in other websites which don't use paypal. I was able to use my Credit card on those websites without any issue.

So, I had decided to use the credit card option in hostagator instead of using paypal. But this transaction also got declined. I think they may be internally using paypal as payment gateway. I am NOT sure about it. Anyway I assume there should be some problem from paypal side. And therefore I had sent all these details to paypal support, and waiting for their reply.

Anyone else face these kind of issues? You can share your experience thro' the comments.

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