Thursday, November 15, 2012

We have added "Quotes Gallery" to our Motivational Quotes Site "TheQuotes.Net"

Few months back we have introduced a new Facebook page for TheQuotes.Net and Free SMS Quotes (For Indian Users Only)

Now TheQuotes.Net is added with a new feature called "Quotes Gallery". It contains lot of Motivational Quotes and it lets you to view the Motivational Posters as a slideshow and also it allows you to share your favorite images easily in the social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Features of Quotes Gallery:

1. Thumbnail View - Initially all the images are shown as a thumbnail images so that the users can view all the image and choose the image according to their wish.

2. SlideShow - It allows you to view the images as a slideshow

3. Social Media Friendly - You can easily share your favorite image in social media

4. Embed code - It lets you to embed the Quotes Gallery in your website/blog

How to use Quotes Gallery:

1. Go to http://TheQuotes.Net

2. Then click "Quotes Gallery" link from right sidebar or else use the following link

3. Some images get displayed, use the "previous" and "next" to view all the images

4. Now click on any image to the start motivational Quotes slide show.

For more details, Read the Quotes Gallery Help file or watch the below video .

Now start using Quotes Gallery and write your comments.

If you have embedded this Quotes Gallery in your blog or website, let me know the URL so that I can include in below list.

List of websites/Blogs where this "Quotes Gallery" is embedded.

1. You Can Start

2. Inspiring Motivational Quote

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