Friday, November 30, 2012

The ultimate guide to affordable gadgets - Guest Post

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There are different types of gadgets available in the market. Looking for affordable gadgets is must to save your penny. From Smartphones to the tiny Bluetooth adapter there are various affordable devices, shop intelligently to find the best device that is within your budget.

Some of the amazing gadgets that are available for $50 or less rates are

Laser Air Guitar: if you are a music lover then purchase this device which is available for $20. Hold the guitar and stump it to play the songs. You can even connect the Air guitar to the external amplifier to experience the best quality sound.
Logear Bluetooth 4.0 USB Micro Adapter: With the help of this adapter you can change the PC to the Bluetooth-enabled system. This works by using the advanced version i.e. Bluetooth 4.0 with low power consumption. It is available for $12.
iPod Nano Watch Band: This gadget has the built in latest generation iPod Nano. It is available in different colours and styles. Choose the best one that interests you. With the help of these bands you can turn Nano iPod into a tailor-made wrist watch that is available for $25.
Olympus ME-12 Noise cancelling Microphone: this is a perfect device that eliminates the external noise. You can record favourite plays, presentations or can take notes without any interruptions. It works with digital recorders whose cost is $10.

Tips to buy the affordable gadgets

  • Prepare a budget: plan a budget and stick to it. Decide which gadget you want to buy. If the price of the device exceeds your income start saving money. Choose the best one by considering its features.
  • Wholesale rates: there are many dealers who offer the gadgets at the wholesale rates. Research on the web and find the best stores. Compare their prices and opt for the one that suit you. You have the flexibility of selecting the product based on your requirements.
  • Brand: purchase the branded devices that provide the best quality. Make a list of the branded products and research for the cheap gadgets. You can find the affordable gadgets that fit your budget.
  • Take the advantage of prepaid programs: search for the upgraded versions that cost you less. By shifting to the latest versions you can enjoy various features at cheaper rates. Check for the prepaid programs and find the good dealer.
  • Surf the web: internet is the best place to get the desired information with a single click. Search your favourite gadget and select the best one. Compare the prices of the different stores and go through the customer reviews. Buy the latest version instead of wasting money by upgrading the devices.
  • Shop intelligently: before purchasing the product make sure that it contains all the necessary features. Don’t comprise or don’t force yourself to buy the product which doesn’t suit you. Avoid impulse purchases. Go through the deals, its features, price, services, durability etc. And then decide to buy the best one. If the price of the product exceeds your expected range, then apply for cash payday that offers instant cash without any credit check.

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