Friday, June 7, 2013

Difficulties in sending message to all the LinkedIn connections

I am running a Motivational Site TheQuotes.Net by providing various Apps and content that are useful for the people to keep their thoughts positive. So, I just wanted to do some analysis about the power of subconscious mind. And therefore, I added a poll to get the details about the people's response for this small riddle which is related to subconscious mind.

After adding this poll, I thought of sending message to all my LinkedIn connections for asking them to read the riddle and give their response.

But Linkedin is limiting the number of recipients to 50. Since I have more than 3.5K connections, I had to send the message in multiple batches. And, I had to choose the connections one bye one. It seems "check all" will work only if the list of connections is within 50.

It is taking more time to send the message by choosing 50 recipients multiple times. Because sometimes, the selected recipients are not getting loaded properly. I had to add those 50 recipients again by clicking 50 check-boxes one by one manually.

I understand that LinkedIn is imposing these limitations to prevent spam messages. But I feel that Linkedin can improve this process further so that genuine messages can be sent to all linkedin connections easily while still preventing spam messages.

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