Friday, June 21, 2013

TheQuotes.Net is becoming Mobile Friendly site....

 Few months back I had published a post talking about various approaches for making our Motivational Website mobile friendly.

The mobile users percentage for this motivational site reaches 30.  So, I had decided to take immediate steps to make mobile-friendly.

I installed wptouch wordpress plug-in so that mobile users will see the page optimized for the mobile devices, while the desktop users continue to see the current design.

I had faced some issues while making it working for the php-code embedded pages. Initially I thought it is due to the messup between wptouch and php-exec as suggested by many forum posts. Anyway, finally I found the actual problem, and solved it by including custom scripts separately for the wptouch plugin.

 Now, I hope that will load quickly in mobile devices and it will be more convenient to read on mobile displays.

Let me know if you face any difficulty in seeing in your mobile devices.
And, note that only the worpress blog part of the site is made to mobile-friendly. I plan to make the other parts like, quotes gallery, faecebook covers, greetings, quotes of the day, etc mobile friendly in future. Mostly I plan to use Twitter bootstrap responsive design for those modules.

And, I am looking for any website which simulate various mobile devices so that I can test it easily. I evaluated few sites, but they are not much useful. Let me know if you know any useful mobile testing website.

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