Thursday, June 13, 2013

Twitter retires REST API v1. We should use API v1.1 in our Twitter applications.

Twitter had announced that REST API v1 will not be available now. And, Twitter has asked the Developers to migrate to API v1.1.

Read below the blog post from Twitter about the retirement of API v1.

Today, we are retiring API v1 and fully transitioning to API v1.1. Given the array of blackout tests, blog posts, Tweets and other updates, this should (hopefully) not be a surprise. Before I get into the slew of resources available for you, let me first say thank you for your cooperation over the last several months.
Based on the blackout tests and looking at the numbers, we can see that the vast majority of applications have transitioned to API v1.1. If you still have not updated your app and you want people to be able to continue using it, it’s not too late! Documentation is available here.
Additionally, here are other resources that we’ve pulled together to help make this transition more smooth:
We’re excited to bring this process to a close and to continue building a strong platform & ecosystem on API v1.1 and to make it even more valuable for you.

If you  are still using the old API, you will get below error message.

“The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.”

And, if the changes are not done properly, then you will get below error message.

 Bad Authentication data [code] => 215 
If you are using as "statuses/mentions" in old version,  you need to use as "statuses/mentions_timeline".

The major differences between API v1.0 and v1.1:
  1. API v1.1 is SSL only.
  2. JSON is now the only available data format — XML, RSS and ATOM have been retired.
  3. All requests must be authenticated via OAuth.
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