Saturday, February 8, 2014

Added CloudFlare to our Motivational Site

Past few days I was working on making our Motivational Quotes website more SEO friendly apart from improving the user experience of that site.

I had implemented most of the "HTML improvements" suggestions given by the Google Webmaster Tools. For example, I updated the code to make sure that dynamically created titles and meta descriptions are unique. And I have manually updated the meta descriptions of many pages to make sure that it is more appropriate to be displayed as snippets in search results.

Few months back, one of our news article from our news website had reached front page of So, it got lot of traffic. Bluehost hosting support team immediately added CloudFlare to handle the huge traffic.

As, I am doing lot of steps to increase the traffic to, I am expecting huge traffic soon. So, I am taking necessary steps to handle the traffic effectively. is hosted with hostgator, and I noticed that hostgator is also providing cloudFlare freely to their customers. So, I decided to activate CloudFlare to
But,I couldn't do it, because previously I added redirection rules in .htaccess file to do 301 permanent redirect for all the www traffic (i-e.*) to non-www URL (i-e*). But I came to know that cloudflare will work with www version only.
So, first I changed the .htaccess redirection rules to redirect non-www traffic to www traffic.
And, I came to know that free version of cloudFlare won't support SSL. is having SSL, and I have used the https version of the URL in some places. So, I hesitated to activate CloudFlare. I did lot of analysis to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using CloudFlare, and finally decided to activate cloudFlare.

I am testing to make sure these changes are not affecting the site. Actually I found many issues (e.g Google custom search was not working, Facebook cover app was not wokring), and corrected those issues by making changes to fit with www version of the site. Let me know if you find any other issue while using Are you seeing any improvements in page loading speed of Share your experience thro' the comments.

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