Friday, February 28, 2014

Now we can report Google about scraper page outranking our original content in Google

 The Search Engine Google is taking lot of steps continuously to improve its search features as well as quality of search results.

Now, it is taking steps to encourage the original content than scrapped content.

If you see pages with scraped content ranking above or instead of the original, you can tell the Google by submitting this Scraper report form.

Google's Webspam Team Head Matt Cutts had sent below tweet.

If you see a scraper URL outranking the original source of content in Google, please tell us about it:

Interestingly, one person had sent below funny tweet as reply to Matt Cutts Tweet.

Google's this scrapper report option may be appearing good option to suppress scrapping sites. But Searchengineland reports that it won't be an immediate fix.
It says,

The Google Scraper Report form doesn’t promise any immediate fix — or any fix at all. Rather, it simply asks people to share their original content URL, the URL of the content taken from them and the search results that triggered the outranking.

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