Thursday, February 27, 2014

Use Google's Oppia for interactive learning

Google is providing an interactive learning system. This new online education tool is named as  "Oppia". It allows the learners to get feedback while learning online.

We can start using it from 

"About us" page of this site says,
 Oppia is a tool for creating interactive online activities that enable students to learn by doing. Its creators believe that this is often a more effective and efficient way of learning than either watching videos or reading texts, since it allows the student to engage more deeply with the activity in a way that videos or books often do not.
 The main units of learning in Oppia are called explorations. These are multi-stage interactive activities that attempt to engage readers in a learning conversation and provide formative feedback along the way.

I have tried few explorations such as Tiny Intro to Quadratics and word cities. It seems they are really interesting and useful. Share your experience thro' the comments.

Explorations are embeddable in any webpage.

And, anyone can create and edit explorations after login to It seems we can login using our Google account itself after giving permission for to use Google login.

I have created an exploration and planning to add more details for  this exploration.. Give me your suggestions to improve it further.

And, Watch the below video to know more about Oppia.

Confucius says,  "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand". It is True. No one can learn piano just by watching performance of others. Getting feedback is more important in the learning process. So, start using Oppia for learning things by doing yourself and by getting feedback.

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