Monday, May 26, 2014

FFmpeg Tool for converting OGV file format into WMV file format.

FFmpeg is a very powerful Media Tool for converting  audio/video files of different file formats into our required format. It supports lot of file formats and supports various options while making conversion. FFmpeg is Free Tool. Basically it is linux based tool. Anyway, it is available for windows also.

Today I needed to convert a video file in .ogv format into .avi format for creating a video for our youtube channel. I decided to use FFmpeg tool for doing this conversion. So, I downloaded windows version of FFmepg from here

And, from command line I executed below command as suggested by various ffmpeg related websites.

 ffmpeg -i original.ogv -sameq  converted.avi

But it showed below error message.

Option 'sameq' was removed. If you are looking for an option to preserve the quality (which is not what -sameq was for), use -qscale 0 or an equivalent quality factor option.

As per the suggestion message, I tried as below.

ffmpeg -i original.ogv -qscale 0 converted.avi

It successfully created the .avi file. But video quality is not good when running from ffplay, and I couldn't import this file into windows movie maker tool.

So, I decided to create .wmv file instead of .avi file. And, therefore I executed below command.

ffmpeg -i original.ogv -qscale 0 converted.wmv

 The wmv file was created successfully. And, the video quality was better than avi format, and I could successfully import this video into windows movie maker.

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