Friday, May 2, 2014

Our Motivational Quotes Site name "TheQuotes.Net" is becoming Trending Topic

Today I have noticed a youtube video about motivational Quotes.
And, surprised to see our motivational Quotes site name "TheQuotes.Net" in the title of video even though the video is not about our site. It seems the creator of the video wanted to use the fact that the search volume of our website name "" is increasing quickly.

The video title is telling about Auto Tweet application of TheQuotes.Net site, but the video content is not talking about it. So, I don't want to share the URL of that spam video in this blog post.

Usually I used to create content/video based on trending topics. Happy to know that our site name is becoming trending topic now, and happy to see other people creating content based on our site name. Anyway, I don't want others to misuse our site name, while they can create video or any other content to tell about features of our site or review about our site.

Even if our site is becoming trending topic, currently the search traffic to our site is low. Because, it got affected by both Panda and Penguin updates of Google. I have improved the site further to make it safe from these Google algorithm updates. But it is not yet recovered from  these Google algorithm penalties. I already contacted Google web spam team thro' Google Web masters Tools, and they confirmed that there is no manual penalty for our site. And, I am trying to contact the Google Web spam Team head Mat Cutts thro' twitter to know about the ways for recovering from Google penalty soon.

Anyway, I am taking lot of steps to make it as best motivational sites irrespective of whether it is getting search traffic or not. I believe Google will start showing our site in search results soon, because Google likes quality websites, and our site quality is getting improved daily.

If you have created any video or published any blog post about features of our motivational site , let me know the URL, I will share it with our social media followers.

According to this site report , our site pages are getting shared by thousands of people in Social Media websites. (Normally I won't give importance to the estimation of these kind of website-value-estimation sites, as they used to show some big random numbers as value of the site. There will be a huge difference between this estimated value and the actual value of the site.  Anyway, I use these sites to check the social media popularity of any website).  That may be the reason why it is becoming trending topic. I believe this trending will be increased further once after our site got recovered from Google Algorithm penalties.

Since our site is becoming more popular, I plan to allow some Guest posts .

Update: I came to know that YouTube has automatically created a Channel named as "TheQuotes.Net - Motivational Quotes".

I am not sure how YouTube will update this channel. Right now, it is showing the list of videos that are embedded in TheQuotes.Net website. Most of these videos are motivational Quotes videos and inspirational speech videos. If you want, you can subscribe to this automatically created channel to get future updates.

You can subscribe to our Email posts, and you can subscribe to our blog feed.

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sanjay mundada said...

Motivational quotes by the big celebrities truly inspires one and I believe that one such quotes can change the life.

The quotations you have provided are truly motivating.

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