Sunday, May 18, 2014

Play Rubik's Cube invention Doodle Game Now from Here.

On Monday, May 19th, 2014, Google showed an interesting animated interactive Doodle for marking the invention of Rubik's Cube.

We can play Rubik's Cube game from this Doodle. Start play this interesting Doodle Game here, and let me know if you find any difficulty in playing here. Bookmark this page to play it again in future.

Watch this video to know more details about this Doodle.

See below the keyboard short-cuts for playing this Rubik's Cube Doodle game.

Rubik's Cube
is a 3-D combination puzzle. It was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor Ernő Rubik.

Read below some interesting facts about Rubik's Cube. (3x3x3 Cube)

- The number of Rubik's Cube permutations is 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 - which is approximately forty-three quintillion. To put this into perspective, if one had as many standard sized Rubik's Cubes as there are permutations, one could cover the Earth's surface 275 times.
- It was originally known as the Magic Cube.
- Over 350 million Rubik’s Cubes have been sold worldwide – making it the bestselling toy of all time.
- The Rubik's Cube made up of 21 individual pieces, consisting of one core, 8 corners, and 12 edges, and a total of 54 stickers.
- Every legal permutation of the Rubik’s Cube can be solved in 20 moves or fewer.
- The number of unsolved configurations on a Rubik's cube is a prime number.

Read below one interesting Quote of Erno Rubik, the inventor of Rubik's Cube.

"If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them."

We can read lot of Quotes from many great persons at TheQuotes.Net website.

And, read below the seven recommended steps for playing Rubik's Cube Game easily.

1. Know about the Rubik's cube. For example, white is opposite yellow, orange is opposite red and green is opposite blue. The centre piece colours are always opposite each other.

2. Solve the white cross. Aim to create a white cross on the top face of the cube first of all. This will make the next phase easier.

3. Solve the white corners. Corner pieces will have one white side and two other colours.

4. Solve the middle layer, so the bottom two layers of the Rubik's cube match in colour.

5. Solve the top layer. Try and get a yellow cross on the top face of your cube. Next, try and get all the yellow on the top face.

6. Position the yellow corners correctly. Twist the top face, which should be yellow, until at least two of the corners are in the right location.

7. Finally, correctly place the centre pieces.

Watch the below video to see the simple steps for solving Rubik's Cube Doodle Game quickly. i-e In 18 moves.


Chrome Cube Lab lets you create your own cube. There are a range of experiments ready for you to play with.

Watch the below video to see the Rubik's Cube World Record.

And, watch the below video to know the ways for solving Rubik's Cube.

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K said...

Hi, it seems ok with the mouse but get no keyboard response.

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...

You need to first give focus on the cube before start using keyboard shorcut keys.

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