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Best Motivational Quotes Book | Kindle eBook and Paperback | Read for FREE with Amazon's Kindle Unlimited

I am Rajamanickam Antonimuthu, Founder of QualityPoint Technologies. I am writing this post to tell you about my New Motivational Quotes Book.

It is important to read Motivational Quotes daily to keep our minds with positive thoughts. Inspiring Quotes of Great People have the power to change our Lives in a positive direction.

I have been running a Motivational Quotes Website www.TheQuotes.Net for many years. I had spent a lot of Time and Energy for adding lots of Quotes and Motivational Articles into our Website. From the Experience of running this Quotes Website, sometime back, I published an Android App for showing the Best Motivational Quotes. Though it is a very simple app with very few features, it is getting lots of good Ratings and Review Comments. The Positive Comments made me think about publishing the Motivational Quotes as a Book.

I have published the Motivational Quotes Book with the Title "Best Motivational Quotes: A Huge Collection of Quotes that Can Change Your Life" using Amazon's KDP publishing platform. This Book is available in both Kindle Format and Paperback Format.

And, I have enrolled the Kindle Book into the "Kindle Select" program. So, it will be available with "Kindle Unlimited (KU)". That means, if you are a KU Subscriber, you will be able to read this Book for Free. If you are not a KU Subscriber, you may get a FREE Trial. Check this Amazon page for more details.

We can read thousands of Quotes on various websites freely. But we will not have enough time to go through all those Quotes and then choose the best motivational Quotes. So, there is a huge need for the collection of only the best motivational Quotes. This book will be satisfying that need by presenting a huge collection of only the Best Motivational Quotes.

All the Motivational Quotes in this quote book are collected with the intention of stimulating Positive thinking in the minds of the Quotes Readers so that they can achieve Success and Peace in their Life by improving their Confidence, Courage, and Happiness.

In short, this Motivational Quotes Book brings Wisdom from lots of Great People, Leaders, Authors, Philosophers, and Saints.

(Kindle Version in U.S. This link may not work for Non-US Customers. They need to buy it from their local version of Amazon site)

Our subconscious mind can do many Wonders if we keep our Thinking Positive. Everyone knows the power of positive thinking. But it is very difficult to keep on thinking positively at all times. Everyday struggles and the negative people around us are forcing us in some ways to reduce our positive thinking, or even they can put negative thoughts in our Sub-Conscious Mind. This Motivational Quotes Book can help to retain our Positive Thinking in all harsh environments.

Apart from seeding Positive Thinking, this Motivational Quotes Book can help us to improve our decision-making process in Daily Life as it could bring the Wisdom of Great people through their Quotes.

Personally, I realized the benefits of reading Motivational Quotes in many different situations. For Example, Whenever I am tending to blame others for my failures, the Quote "The moment you blame others you fail" comes into my mind, and I stop blaming Others. I don't remember when and where I read this Quote or who is the Author of this Quote. But I realize the power of this Quote. If we take responsibility for our failures, actually we are not confirming the Failure till we give up. We have the option of continuing our efforts to make our Failure into Success. But the moment we blame others, we lose this option and therefore our Failure will be finalized.

So, I would suggest understanding the deep meaning of any Quotes. Not only the meaning but also the context and the background of the Quotes. For example, I like the below Quotes of Abraham Lincoln very much. It used to encourage me a lot whenever I was facing Failures continuously and lacking the Resources and Skills required to achieve Success.
“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.”

I would say that this Quote can convey a powerful message only if we know the life story of Abraham Lincoln.

(Paperback Version)

I am planning to promote this Motivational Quotes Book through various campaigns to make it a Best Seller in the Quotation Category at Amazon. And, I would like to get Reviews for this Quotes Book. 

On October 21st, 2018, Amazon applied "#1 New Release" badge for this Book in the "Quotation Reference" category. It appeared for a few hours.

Find below the First Review comment received for this Book.

This is seriously a huge collection of motivational quotes! I would highly recommend this book to anyone that needs a quick pick me up or to get really motivated at home or at work! Read from cover to cover or just flip through and read a quote when you have some extra time, either way this is a great book! (Would also be a wonderful graduation gift).

I too believe this Motivational Quotes Book will be the appropriate choice for giving Gift to your Friends, loved ones, and Customers for the upcoming Holiday Season. So, if you are looking for a Holiday Gift Idea, you can check Paperback version of this Motivational Quotes Book.

It will be suitable for Students who need some motivation for their studies, and for Entrepreneurs who want to achieve success in their Careers irrespective of the setbacks or failures they encounter while doing their business. Even Athletes who are looking for motivation to move forward in their Sports career will also find this book useful. Moreover, anyone who needs some motivation to make their Daily life Peaceful will also like this Book.

(Kindle Version in U.S. This link may not work for Non-US Customers. They need to buy it from their local version of Amazon site)

This Motivational Quotes Book includes lots of inspiring Quotes that are told by various Authors and Leaders on various Topics.

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And, see below some Best Motivational Quotes.

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