Friday, June 21, 2019

Released Free Android App for showing Business Motivational Quotes

A few years back, I had published an Android App for showing Motivational Quotes. I am not having much experience with Android App development. So, I developed this App with simple features as an attempt to start learning Android App development.

Surprisingly this App was downloaded by many People and it is getting good review comments and ratings. So, I realized that many people like simple Apps though a lot of apps with many amazing features available in the play store.

It made me to release Bible Quotes App based on the same code. This one is also performing well.

So, recently I decided to publish an App for showing Business Quotes as I thought this App will be useful to tell about our Timesheet Offer to the potential customers easily.

I created this Business Quotes App similar to my previous App except adding a clickable hyperlink to the author name.

Initially, I thought adding clickable hyperlink will be easy. But I had to refer various articles to know the way for doing it. Finally I found this page helpful for completing this.

As suggested in that page, I had to do below things.

First I had to use the HTML entity encoding while specifying the link and text in the String Resource.

And, I had to set the below option in the TextView.


Apart from doing these two things, I had to use setMovementMethod before using the setText.

((TextView) findViewById(;
((TextView) findViewById(;

It is working properly during my testing. But I am not sure if it will work for all devices. Let me ( know if you find any issue when using this Business Quotes App.

If everything is going smoothly, I am planning to do the same thing for my previous Motivational Quotes App also.

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Outsource SEO in India said...

Thanks for sharing this motivational app. Looks like it's worth checking out. I have already download this apps from the Google play store

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