Saturday, June 8, 2019

Replacing MySQL Connection with MySQLi connection in many of our Web Applications

A few months back, I had published a post about updating our Timesheet script to make it work with the latest PHP version by replacing MySQL connection with MySQLi connection.

 Past few days, I was working on implementing this change in our other applications also. Because I was forced to change the PHP version in our servers for updating our websites with the latest WordPress.

I did these MySQL connection changes for our quiz app   and for various apps (e.g Gallery, Facebook Covers, Greetings) of our TheQuotes.Net website.

While doing these changes I tried to improve the page loading performance.
All these changes might have introduced any new error. Let me know if you find any error when going through our websites.

Most of the old php/mysql applications will require this change. So, contact me if you want me to make your ph/mysql application work with the latest php version.  I can do it by charging affordable Hourly charges.

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