Friday, June 28, 2019

Released an Android App to show Famous English Proverbs

I had published this Proverbs Video many years back, and more than 40K People watched this video. But reading Proverbs on Video may not be convenient as everyone will be reading the text at a different speed.

So, I released an Android app to read these Proverbs conveniently. You can freely download it from the Google Play store.

This Proverbs app provides a lot of Famous English Proverbs. We can read them simply by swiping them or by tapping the Right/Left arrow buttons. And, read a Random Proverb by pressing the "Shuffle" button.

It is a very simple App. So, the download Size will be less. And, it won't occupy more space on your device, and it will work offline.

Download it now and if you like this app, add your Rating and Review comments at the Play Store page.

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