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6 Awesome Ways to market your Co-Working Space

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In the current world, startups appear one day and disappear the next day. Thus under such circumstance, it's profitable to have coworking spaces. These are one of the best investments that entrepreneurs can make.

If you are an entrepreneur owning a coworking space, you can understand how quickly it can earn you some money. However, marketing them is a challenge which you must take up in order to be a success.

The popularity of coworking spaces is surely on the rise, especially in times like these when startup and freelance economy is looming large. Very often entrepreneurs and startups are stuck in houses, small apartments, coffee shops or a small room to host a meeting.

A fresh break in this regard is offered by the coworking spaces and by the community made of likeminded people who help others grow and develop. Such things are great for startups, small to medium business owners, developers, and such other people. They require a dedicated workstation within the budget and that is exactly what is on the offer.

Coworking places are great if you wish to get away from the distractions at home and work in peace. This also provides you with a  professional setting where you can talk to your clients. But the best part is, such a setup will help you build your confidence since you will be talking to a lot of professionals and like-minded individuals.

While these are the pros of having a coworking space, its often difficult to find people who can fill up the place. In other words, marketing the space is a bit of challenge, So here are a 6 ways you can use to market your coworking space:

A Good Quality Website:

This is very basic. In order to have a successful business in the current times, you need to have a good quality website. It is advisable to get it done by professionals so that it looks attractive and noteworthy. You will surely not find anyone to rent your place if your website seems unappealing to them.

Your website should have the rates and mission of the coworking space all cleared out.  Additionally, your contact information must be visible, not hidden away in a nook on the website.

It is a good idea to have updates in the form of newsletters, blog posts that are industry-specific, technology, networking and such others.

Strong Social Media Strategy:

Around 42% of current population is on social media today. So clearly, It's a world of social media these days, thus you must make use of all the social media platforms that are available. Make use of Twitter to follow the members also try to get in touch with potential members. It's a good idea to start building the Twitter chat talking about different niches, this will highlight your networking skills.

In addition to Twitter, Facebook ads are a great way to ensure that you have a page which talks all about your space. A lot of business operations have benefitted from Facebook ads, so you can go on to take advantage of those.

Instagram is another popular social media handle which you can use to flaunt the inside of your building, the existing members and the events you have hosted.  However, to make it all happen, you need some high-quality image and powerful hashtags. Create engaging Instagram stories and attractive Tweets to make your audience fall in love with you.

Perks of Membership:

One way of finding more members for your coworking space is by offering various incentives and perks. For instance, you can create a member referral program and offer discounted fees to those members who bring in new members.

It has been noted that around 20 percent of enquires come through referrals, In addition to that, you can throw in a few free coworking days in the mix. Pick any two days in a month to offer the coworking space for free to the members and even the non-members, however, include the internet charges.

You can also arrange for happy hours where little snacks would be served around. This really works in the coworking market as people always land up in places where there is a chance of getting free food!

Health Insurance Program:

Freelancing or starting your own startup up is a huge challenge and surely takes a toll on the health of the individual. In that light, having health insurance is of utmost importance. But most entrepreneurs and freelancers don’t have it. So here is where you come in. Why not have health insurance planned in the membership fee for your coworking space? That will bring in a lot of membership.

It has been viewed that in many cases, having a finance management system within the coworking space has been of a great benefit in terms of getting a membership. The members continue to stay for long since they can get medical benefits for themselves and also their families.

Daycare Services:

Many a time, entrepreneurs and freelancers have to stay home for their young children.  This obviously cuts down on their total productive hours. In addition to that, parents involved in such fields of work get up very early and go to bed late at night.

This is a problem which can be solved by having low-cost day care services at the coworking space. That way parents can still prioritize their work while staying in close proximity of their kids.

This is a healthy environment for the kids too since they will have many other kids of their age to keep them company. They will also have a chance to come out of the house which will push the entire process of socialization a little forward.

Success For Your Members:

It's important that you come to know all the freelancers, interns, startups working in your coworking space. Try to understand their goals, their business model their plan of action. Once you know all this, think about how can you help them achieve success. This is the practice many SEO and digital marketing companies in India are executing to build relationship with their co-working partners.

It's a good idea to allow the members to advertise their business within the building itself. You can help them come up with posters which can talk a bit about the business they are working in.

Additionally, you can also assist them in setting up workshops, panels and different types of conferences. You can also organize the same in different niche to offer something extra to the members of your coworking space.

You can also open these conferences to the public as well to gain more traffic.

Creative thinking always works for any business. So keep it peppy and interesting at your coworking space as well.

This Article is a Guest Post. Read more Guest posts  here.

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