Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Earn from Emerging Technologies

While it may seem easier to make money or conduct business by utilizing emerging technologies, it's important to acknowledge that there are potential risks and challenges involved. Although there may be less competition and ample opportunities,  the potential for failure is high due to the untested nature of new technologies. Additionally, potential customers may be hesitant to adopt these emerging technologies, and the technology itself may fail due to a lack of resources or the emergence of superior alternatives. So, always start simple, and don’t invest much. Instead, grow your business step by step without spending more money.

Initially, you may just start with info products as I am doing, like running YouTube channels, selling ebooks, and publishing blogs for giving details about your favorite technology. By doing so, you earn some money and you can use it as a base for your further business initiative. Because, for doing any kind of business, we need to have a content marketing strategy. For example, if you are interested in Graphene, you can start a blog to tell about graphene, you can run a YouTube channel for explaining graphene and for giving the latest news about graphene, and you can write an ebook about graphene to sell it through various ways, like Amazon, Smashwords, etc. Even you can sell them through your blog also using PayPal. Later on, once you decide to develop any graphene application or graphene production, you can find it easy to sell them once after you develop a huge user base interested in graphene. 

I am telling Graphene as an example. You can explore various opportunities available with different kinds of Emerging technologies.  In the case of AI, you can start with a blog, YouTube, and ebook approach, then later on, you can earn money by teaching AI to the people who are interested to learn it, and you can earn money by developing AI applications also.

Apart from earning money directly from emerging technologies, we can improve our earnings from current work by utilizing emerging technologies effectively. For example, people can reduce their workload heavily by utilizing AI tools properly. For example, chatGPT can help in various ways. 

In recent years, numerous businesses, both large and small, have adopted Digital Transformation as a fundamental principle. The Covid19 pandemic has further accelerated this trend for many organizations. The driving forces behind these digital initiatives are competitive pressures, increasing customer expectations, and the potential for revenue growth. The integration of emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain has been instrumental in facilitating these digital transformations. So, take the necessary steps to keep up yourself according to the digital growth and try to use it effectively for your business growth. 

Just explore various emerging technologies like AI, 3D Printing, Brain–computer interface, Nanomedicine, Nanosensors, Self-Healing materials, Quantum dot, carbon nanotubes, Metamaterials, Microfluidics, Magnetic nanoparticles, High-temperature superconductivity, Lab-on-a-chip, Graphene, Conductive polymers, Bioplastic, Aerogel, Vertical farming, Cultured meat, Artificial general intelligence, Flexible electronics, Li-Fi, Machine vision, Memristor, Neuromorphic computing, Quantum computing, Spintronics, Speech recognition, Twistronics, Three-dimensional integrated circuit, virtual reality, Holography, Optical transistor, Screenless display, Artificial photosynthesis, Fusion power, Gravity battery, Lithium–air battery, Lithium–sulfur battery, Nanowire battery, Smart grid, Space-based solar power, Wireless energy transfer, Superalloy, Artificial uterus, Neuroprosthetics, Flying car, Magnetic levitation, Self-driving car, Space elevator, Hoverbike, Maglev train, Blockchain, etc 

While exploring these technologies, make sure that you are reading or watching content that is based on scientific research, not based on fiction. You may watch my YouTube channel where I am uploading a lot of tech news videos based on research papers. Once after getting some basic idea of these things, just pick one or two things that are more relevant to your field, career, business, passion, etc. Then put all your efforts to learn more about your chosen technologies. Actively participate in various social media and forum discussions about them, and you may attend any events related to your chosen technologies. It is better to write your learnings as blog posts or upload them as videos. It will be helping you to learn better, and you will get the opportunity to find like-minded people for possible collaborations, and even you can earn money by showing ads. While doing these things, you will be in a position to develop your product or choose the most suitable product in the market. Then start working on selling your own product or affiliate product to earn money from it. You need to be very focused now. You may face many difficulties and setbacks. Instead of thinking about changing the product/field/technology frequently, you need to be very strong in selling your product by exploring various opportunities, especially you need to make use of digital marketing properly. Build up a strong following on all social media sites. Use paid promotions effectively. Continuously optimize your campaigns till you reach positive ROI. Do the proper lead capturing and follow-up.

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