Wednesday, March 6, 2024

How to earn money by becoming Gumroad affiliate?

To earn money by referring my ebooks using the Gumroad affiliate program, you need to follow these steps.

1. Create a Gumroad account at 
2. Once after created an account, let me ( know so that I can add you as my affiliate. Note that you need to inform me of the email ID that you used for creating the Gumroad account.
3. Once after I add you as an affiliate, you will receive an affiliate link for my ebooks. You can share them with others to earn a 50% commission.

If you are interested, let us discuss this in detail, maybe through Google Meet. If you want, I can share my experience of digital marketing with you in detail.

Note: Gumraod is responsible for making payments to affiliates. I am not very familiar with Gumroad. Join as a Gumroad affiliate only after knowing about Gurmroad. It seems Gumroad will pay to affiliates every Friday with a 7-day hold period. Read about Gumroad affiliates FAQ here.

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