Friday, March 22, 2024

Published my first Udemy Course "ChatGPT and Gemini for Beginners". Use the FREE offer before it ends.

Recently I  created an Udemy course for teaching ChatGPT and Gemini for Beginners. You can check it here  In this course, you can watch videos explaining about ChatGPT and Gemini so that beginners can get some overview about them and can start using them. Apart from Videos, I included content from my ebooks also. And, I have included a Quiz also.

I am running a free promotion offer to get Ratings and Reviews for my course. If you want to get it for FREE, use the discount code QPTFREE before 27th March. And, use this offer soon as it will be available for only the first 1000 people. So, act soon and refer it to your friends also.

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