Friday, July 17, 2009

Firefox 3.5.1 has come out to correct Security problem

The Mozilla Corp. has released Firefox 3.5.1 to correct security problem .

"Just-In-Time" (JIT) compiler used for JavaScript in Previous version (FireFox 3.5) had some issues that allow an attacker to run arbitrary code, like malware.

This new version will fix those issues. You can freely download this new version (FireFox 3.5.1) from mozila site

If you want to see the list of bugs/issues fixed in this release you can see the bugzilla of Mozilla.

FireFox 3.5.x is having lot of new features.

You can refer the Mozilla Developer site to know the features available for developers. If you are not a developer you can see this section.

Find below the summary/highlight of some features.

  • TraceMonkey - This new Javascript engine will improve the performance/speed of Javascript execution. This will allow fast loading of heavy javascript webpages or applications such as Google Docs
  • Location Aware Browsing - We can allow Firefox 3.5 to share information about our current location with web sites to get personalized/localized content or search results. Anyway, we can turnoff this feature if you worry about the privacy
  • Open audio and video support- Firefox 3.5 supports embedded video and audio using the open Ogg format, as well as WAV for audio. No plugins required.
  • Local data storage- FireFox3.5 adds support for Localstorage property Webstorage for enabling Web Applications to store data in user's Computer.
  • Private Browsing - In private browsing mode, Firefox doesn’t save your browsing, search, download, or web form histories, or your cookies, or temporary Internet files. It will allow you to use public computers or other's computer without thinking about privacy/security
  • Faster page rendering using technologies such as "speculative parsing."
  • HTML 5 support- Firefox 3.5 adds support for the HTML 5 audio and video elements and fully supports the HTML 5 offline resource specification. The HTML 5 drag and drop API allows support for dragging and dropping items within and between web sites.

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