Saturday, August 1, 2009

FCC inquires Apple about reason for Google Voice rejection

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has sent letter to Apple for asking reason for its ban on Google Voice and other Voice related Google applications in iPhone.

And, FCC has asked more details about this issue from AT&T and Goolge.

Find below the content of letter sent to Apple.

  1. Why did Apple reject the Google Voice application for iPhone and
    remove related third-party applications from its App Store? In addition to
    Google Voice, which related third-party applications were removed or
    have been rejected? Please provide the specific name of each application
    and the contact information for the developer.

  2. Did Apple act alone, or in consultation with AT&T, in deciding to reject
    the Google Voice application and related applications? If the latter, please
    describe the communications between Apple and AT&T in connection
    with the decision to reject Google Voice. Are there any contractual
    conditions or non-contractual understandings with AT&T that affected
    Apple’s decision in this matter?

  3. Does AT&T have any role in the approval of iPhone applications
    generally (or in certain cases)? If so, under what circumstances, and what
    role does it play? What roles are specified in the contractual provisions
    between Apple and AT&T (or any non-contractual understandings)
    regarding the consideration of particular iPhone applications?

  4. Please explain any differences between the Google Voice iPhone
    application and any Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications that
    Apple has approved for the iPhone. Are any of the approved VoIP
    applications allowed to operate on AT&T’s 3G network?

  5. What other applications have been rejected for use on the iPhone and for
    what reasons? Is there a list of prohibited applications or of categories of
    applications that is provided to potential vendors/developers? If so, is this
    posted on the iTunes website or otherwise disclosed to consumers?
  6. What are the standards for considering and approving iPhone
    applications? What is the approval process for such applications (timing,
    reasons for rejection, appeal process, etc.)? What is the percentage of
    applications that are rejected? What are the major reasons for rejecting an

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CG said...

Apple has forever been a monopolistic venture. They keep everything behind bars and padlock.

It is indeed time somebody made an effort to book them for their unfair trade practices.

What if one fine day Google decided not to let iPhone users to 'Google'?

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...

I think answer for your question purely depends on performance of bing/yahoo in future. Mostly Apple will think about some business other than iPhone if Google decided not to let iPhone users to "Google".

Chethan said...

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