Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TwitterFeed came back

Yestday our news feeds were affected due to hardware failure of twitterfeed.

Today twitterfeed issue has been resolved. You can see below the announcement published on the twitterfeed blog.

After some very delicate work from our hosting provider we’ve put in a ton of new hardware and been able to rebuild the database from the backup so that we can begin posting again. Feeds might be a little congested as we work through the backlog, but hopefully we should be back to normal pretty soon.

So, our new feeds (e.g @GlobalTechNews,@MedicalFeed)also should be working fine today.

Yesterday we started using Google feedburner for sending tweets to @GlobalTechNews. So @GlobalTechNews will get tweets from both twitterfeed and Google Feedburner.

We will use both services or any one of the services based on your suggestions/feedback.

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