Saturday, January 23, 2010

Handling Date format in MySQL

In the previous post, I have explained about Handling Date and Time in PHP/MySQL

Recently, I came to know about a website which will be useful for understanding and using a MySQL function DATE_FORMAT().
DATE_FORMAT()function is used to display date/time data in different formats.
It takes two arguments, date and format.

For example, if you want to display the current date/time in a specific format (e.g Jan 23 2010 10:35 PM we need to use this function as DATE_FORMAT(NOW(),'%b %d %Y %h:%i %p')

This website will be useful for preparing this format argument (e.g '%b %d %Y %h:%i %p').

i-e We can specify the required format in a user-friendly User Interface, and this site will automatically create the corresponding format specifier.

Anyway, I haven't used this site much. So, let me know if you find any issue or difficulty in using this website.

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