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PHP Quiz Questions and Answers

Find below MCQ (Multiple Choice) questions and Answers for PHP.

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echo $y[ttt];
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2) How do you get information from a form that is submitted using the "get" method?
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3)What's the best way to copy a file from within a piece of PHP?
a) Print out a message asking your user to "telnet" in to the server and copy the file for you
b) Open the input and output files, and use read() and write() to copy the data block by block until read() returns a zero
c) Use the built in copy() function
d) Use "exec" to run an operating system command such as cp (Unix, Linux) or copy (Windows)
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4) PHP code is embedded directly into XHTML document?
a) False
b) True
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5) Is it possible to submit a form with out a submit button?
a) Yes
b) No
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6) Full form of PHP
a) PreHypertextProcessor
b) HypertextPreprocessor
c) Hypertext Postprocessor
d) PostHypertextProcessor
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7) What is the expansion of LAMP?
a) Linux And Mysql Php
b) Linux Apache Mysql Php
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8) In php Which method is used to getting browser properties?
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9) Which of the following function is used to pick one or more random values from PHP Array?
a) array_rand()
b) array_random()
c) Random_array()
d) Rand_array()
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10) <?php
echo $y[8];
a) 43
b) 1
c) 8
d) 6
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11) Assume that your php file 'index.php' in location c:/apache/htdocs/phptutor/index.php. If you used $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] function in your page, then what is the return value of this function ?
a) phptutor/index.php
b) /phptutor/index.php
c) c:/apache/htdocs/phptutor/index.php
d) index.php
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12) Which operator is used to concatenate two strings in php?
a) dot operator (.)
b) plus operator (+)
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13)Are there regular expressions in PHP?
a) Yes - regular expressions use Perl-like conventions
b) Yes - PHP supports two different types of regular expressions: POSIX-extended and Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE).
c) Yes - regular expressions use the POSIX standard
d) No - PHP uses "glob" style matching only
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14) In PHP, which of the following function is used to insert content of one php file into another php file before server executes it
a) include[]
b) #include()
c) include()
d) #include{}
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15) what will be the ouput of below code ? Assume that today is 2009-5-19:2:45:32 pm


$today = date("F j, Y, g:i a");


a) may 19,09,2:45:32 PM
b) May 19, 2009, 2:45 pm
c) May 19,2009,14:45:32 pm
d) May 19,2009,14:45:32 PM
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16) Which of the following function is used for terminate the script execution in PHP?
a) break()
b) quit()
c) die()
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17) What function used to print statement in PHP?
a) echo();
b) printf
c) ""
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18) <?php
echo x;
a) Error
b) 15
c) 10
d) 5
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19) what will be the output of below code ?

$arr = array(5 => 1, 12 => 2);
$arr[] = 56;
$arr["x"] = 42;
echo var_dump($arr);


a) 42
b) 56
c) Null
d) x=42
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20) PHP variables are
a) Multitype variables
b) Double type variables
c) Single type variable
d) Trible type variables
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21) Which of these statements is true?
a) PHP interfaces to the MySQL database,and you should transfer any data in Oracle or Sybase to MySQL if you want to use PHP on the data.
b) PHP interfaces to a number of relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle and Sybase. A wrapper layer is provided so that code written for one database can easily be transferred to another if you later switch your database engine.
c) PHP interfaces to a number of relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle and Sybase but the interface differs in each case.
d) There's little code in PHP to help you interface to databases, but there's no reason why you can't write such code if you want to.
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22) Is php can support multiple inheritance?
a) NO
b) YES
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23) How would you add 1 to the variable $count?
a) incr count;
b) $count++;
c) $count =+1
d) incr $count;
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24) Which of the following is used to check if a function has already been defined?
a) bool function_exists(functionname)
b) bool f_exists(functionname)
c) bool func_exist(functioname)
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25) what is the return value of this substr function?


$rest = substr("abcdef", -1);

$rest = substr("abcdef", 0, -1);


a) f,abcde
b) a,fedcb
c) b,abcdef
d) a,abcde
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26) Assume that your php file 'index.php' in location c:/apache/htdocs/phptutor/index.php. If you used basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) function in your page, then what is the return value of this function ?
a) phptutor
b) phptutor/index.php
c) index.php
d) /index.php
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27) <?
${$x.'_result'} ();
Above program will call the function display_result()
a) False
b) True
c) Parser Error
d) None of the above
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28) All variables in PHP start with which symbol?
a) !
b) $
c) &
d) %
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29) Father of PHP?
a) Larry Wall
b) Rasmus Lerdorf
c) James Gosling
d) Guido Van Rossum
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30) In PHP the error control operator is _______
a) .
b) *
c) @
d) &
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31) <?
Output ?
a) 23dollars
b) 203dollars
c) 320dollars
d) 23
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32) <?php
function zz(& $x)
echo $x;
a) 5
b) 0
c) 15
d) 10
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33) <?php
a) shows the IP address of the local system
b) shows the IP address of the visitor
c) shows the IP address of the webserver
d) None of the above
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34) <?php
echo $y."

What is the following output?
a) display all folder names
b) display a folder content
c) display content of the all drives
d) Parse error
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35) <?php
$qpt = 'QualityPointTechnologies';
echo preg_match("/^Quality/", $qpt);
a) 1
b) 0
c) Quality
d) Null
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36) <?php

What is the following output?
a) 3.5
b) 3.5seconds
c) 3
d) 3seconds
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37) <?php
echo $y[1];
a) keyboard
b) mouse
c) 7
d) 2
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38) <?
echo $data;
a) 98
b) 98.8
c) 98.8degrees
d) degrees
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39) PHP is
a) Partially cross-platform
b) Truly cross-platform
c) None of above
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40) <?php
echo (string)$x;
a) 101.5
b) degrees
c) 101
d) 101.5degrees
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41) Whether One-line comment begin with pound sing(#) in php?
a) True
b) False
c) None of above
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42) In PHP, during error handling include() generates......................
a) a fatal error, and the script will stop
b) a warning, but the script will continue execution
c) None of the above
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43) <?php
$qpt = 'Eat to live, but not live to eat';
echo preg_match("/^to/", $qpt);
a) 0
b) 1
c) to
d) Null
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44) <?php
echo count($x) . "," . count($y);
a) 3,1
b) 3,3
c) 5,5
d) 5,4
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45) PHP is a _____ . It means you do not have to tell PHP which data type the variable is.PHP automatically converts the variable to the correct data type, depending on its value.
a) client side language
b) local language
c) global language
d) loosely typed language
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46) Which of the following is not a valid variable name?
a) $number-in-class
b) $nic
c) $NumberInClass
d) $number_in_class
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47) Which of the following function is used to change the root directory in PHP?
a) choot()
b) change_root()
c) cd_root()
d) cd_r()
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48) PHP is
a) client side script language
b) server side script language
c) event-driven language
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49) <?
echo $$father;
a) son
b) mother
c) motherson
d) error
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50) <?php
echo count($y);
a) 8
b) 5
c) 7
d) 28
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51) The PHP syntax is most similar to:
a) PERL and C
b) Java script
c) VB Script
d) Visual Basic
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52) what will be the output of below code ?


$arr = array(5 => 1, 12 => 2);
$arr[] = 56;
$arr["x"] = 42;
echo var_dump($arr);


a) 42
b) array(3) { [12]=> int(2) [13]=> int(56) ["x"]=> int(42) }
c) array(4) { [5]=>int(1) [12]=> int(2) [13]=> int(56) ["x"]=> int(42) }
d) 1,2,56,42
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53) what will the ouptut of below date() function ?





echo date("Y-m-d:H:i:s",strtotime($datetime));


a) 2009-5-19:14:31:38
b) 2009-5-19:2:31:38
c) 19-5-2009:2:31:38
d) 19/5/2009:14:31:38
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54) <?php
echo "good bye";
if($x==1) echo "Hello";
b) Error
c) good bye
d) None of the above
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(1) a (2) a (3) c (4) b (5) a (6) b (7) b (8) a (9) a (10) b
(11) b (12) a (13) b (14) c (15) b (16) c (17) a (18) d (19) c (20) a
(21) c (22) a (23) b (24) a (25) a (26) c (27) b (28) b (29) b (30) c
(31) d (32) c (33) b (34) b (35) a (36) c (37) c (38) c (39) b (40) d
(41) a (42) b (43) a (44) d (45) d (46) a (47) a (48) b (49) a (50) b
(51) a (52) c (53) a (54) c


cydelic said...

Looks like there is an error in question 16 you say die is correct, but according to the php manual both exit and die are right :

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...


Thanks for your comment.
I have corrected the question 16 by changing the first option from "exit" to "break"

Anonymous said...

Might want to run with warning enabled!
> echo $y[ttt];
$y[ttt], you're trying to access an undefined variable. Luckily, php 5.3 only throws a notice and assumes you mean $y['ttt'], resulting in the answer you specify.

Hittesh said...

got 81% on this test.. not bad i guess,, thanks for the post! :D

mishu said...

the function you are referring to in the 47th question is called chroot and not choot (small typo)..


Manoj said...

please tell me what is the difference between question 1 and 10's output and what is the logic behind it

Manoj said...

i think that the answer of question 17 is wrong because "echo" is not a function but it is a language construct and it does not need parentheses to contain arguments

Premjith said...

please check that 47 th qustion i think the answer is chroot(). spelling mistake.
good expect more from u..........

Robert Brown said...

Thanks for posting this!

I believe it to be a perfect example of why a quiz like this during a job interview is a complete waste of time.

This test like the many others in job interviews I see doesn't test if you are good coder. At best, it tests if you are good at figuring out horribly written code.

Many of the questions deal with obscure quirks within the PHP language that actually should be avoided in practice.

However this quiz is a spot on example of what some companies wrongly give to a job applicant and for that I am grateful that you have posted it.

Anonymous said...

Hi check question number 38.$string is undefined.

Anonymous said...

plz expalin the answer of 10th no queston

Anonymous said...

Please check the question no 25 something is wrong there is no echo and options are not proper.

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