Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Google is promoting AdWords in India

Google has started promoting their Adwords in India.

They are sending promotion codes for creating new adWords account. This free coupon will allow the user to run campaign worth around 2500 rupees.

And, even they are making calls to the customers and helping them to setup adWord account, running campaigns and tuning keywords to get maximum quality score.

The customer support can take control of the users' adWord account to setup & run campaigns if the user gives "client manager" access for them.

If you are not familiar with adWords you can read below things,

- AdWord is PPC (PayPerClick)advertisement program run by Google. i-e advertiser will pay only if the user clicks the advertisement.

- The advertiser can easily create campaigns targeting with specific budget and region.
- Campaigns can have several adGroups which can have multipe ads and Keywords.

- Keywords can be easily added/managed using Keyword tool. Even we can get automatic keyword suggestions from AdWords.

- By setting proper Keywords we can improve QualityScore which will help to reduce the ad cost.

- Adwords can be integrated with Google analytics.

- The Ads will appear in Google search result page and also in their content network as AdSense Ads.

-We can track the conversion by putting conversion tracking code in our target webpage. Even we can specify the budget by targeting conversion also.

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