Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Open Identity Exchange (OIX) Launches at RSA

Industry leaders Google, PayPal, Equifax, VeriSign, Verizon, CA, and Booz Allen Hamilton today announced at the RSA Conference 2010 the formation of the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) , a non-profit organization dedicated to building trust in the exchange of online identity credentials across public and private sectors.

This will save you from creating different accounts in several websites. So, we need to remember all different usernames and passwords.

The U.S. Government Information and Credential Access Management Committee has approved the OIX as a Trust Framework Provider.
You can read this article to know about What is Trust Framework.

PayPal has posted below message it its blog post.

In this digital era we’re living in, consumers should have ultimate control over their personal information and online identity. This is why a multichannel trust framework is so critically important. It will allow everyday citizens to maintain their privacy while conducting everyday activities online — things like posting comments on government Web sites and making purchases on their favorite online shops. We here at PayPal are proud to be part of the team shaping how this structure facilitates trusted interactions and transactions.

Google has posted about OIX as below in its blog post.

Google's identity, security, and privacy specifications have been certified so that a user can register and log in at U.S. government websites using their Google account login credentials. The National Institute of Health (NIH) is the first government website ready to accept such credentials, and we look forward to seeing other websites open up to certified identity providers so that users will have an easier and more secure time interacting with these resources.

Verizon has stated as below about the formation of OIX.

"As a leader in identity infrastructure, we are excited about the progress the OIX is making in creating a common set of process and protocols that will ultimately result in Internet users having a single user name and password to more securely access any site on the Web."

FAQ section of the OIX site provides below details.

-The Open Identity Exchange (OIX) is a non-profit corporation serving as an independent, neutral provider of certification trust frameworks for open identity technologies.
-Google, PayPal, and Equifax are the first three OIX members to be certified for as identity providers at US ICAM LOA 1 (level of assurance 1). Verizon and VeriSign are currently in the certification process.
-Canada, the UK, and France (FC2 consortium) all have projects investigating the use of open identity technologies and trust frameworks.
-Trust communities can also be entirely private.
-OIX welcomes governments, professional associations, non-profit networks, and other communities who want to develop their own trust frameworks.

Current Executive members of OIX are listed below,

This idea of storing user name and password in a centralized place/database may be good idea. But it may increase the risk also, because compromising single password may affect all related websites.

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