Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chance to become QTP expert. We are launching One-to-one online QTP Training program.

I am happy to announce about launching our online QTP training program.

People who bought my eBook about Software Testing and QTP Automation used to ask about QTP training from me or any other good QTP training program.

But, I hesitated to offer any QTP training as I am spending most of my time developing our company "QualityPoint Technologies".

Anyway, recently I have decided to spend some time for providing online QTP training also. I had taken this decision by hoping that this training program will give me an opportunity to understand the people's expectation/need in learning QTP. It will help me to enhance the eBook further to make it more useful.

Due to time constraint, I will provide this training to limited number of people only.

Basically, I would recommend self study over any training program. For your self-study, our eBook may help.
If you are still interested in getting training you can read further.

Find below the details about my QTP training program.

  • It will be one-to-one training session conducted thro' online using screen sharing tool

  • I (Rajamanickam Antonimuthu) will be the Trainer for this QTP training program. I will be available online around 7am (IST) to 10pm (IST) in all days. I believe it is suitable for giving training for everyone including persons in UK and USA.

  • The Trainees should have stable broadband connection and HeadPhone.

  • Training time will be 15-20 hours. Since it is one-to-one training this time can be split among different days (3-7 days) including weekends

  • Training includes teaching the concepts, creating samples, giving assignments and clarifying any questions.

  • Tips for becoming an expert in QTP Automation

Currently I am planning to charge around $250 USD as introductory offer. This introductory price is for first 3 persons only.
I will increase the price (around $360) based on the feedback/comments from these first 3 persons.

I am going to inform about my online training and the introductory offer to all the people who bought my QTP eBook and to all the people who were asking about training from me.
(For our eBook I had given introductory offer price as $5 USD for few days, the current price is $12)

So, if you want to use this introductory offer, register today by making the payment. Contact me at to know my paypal address for making payment. Before making the payment check with me to know whether the Introductory offer is still available or not.

You can make payment using below paypal button.

$250 Offer price

Course Content

Since it is one-to-one training, there is no predefined course content. It will be based on the need for the individual. Anyway find below the typical course content.

  • Need for Test Automation

  • Introduction to QTP

  • QTP IDE overview

  • Add-ins

  • Understanding Object Repository

  • Working with Expert view and Keyword view

  • Sample scripts

  • CheckPoints

  • RecoveryScenario

  • Understanding Action Iteration and Test Iteration

  • Basics of vbscript

  • Using DataSheet

  • Synchronization Points

  • Debugging Script

  • Driver Script

  • Automation Frameworks

  • Automation Object Model

  • Reporting results

  • Connecting Database

  • Sending email from script

  • About Descriptive programming

  • Best practices

  • Web Development knowledge required for automating website testing

  • Using QTP for Banking/Financial Domain

  • Question & Answers

If you are looking for inexpensive training, you can choose group training. I will let you know if I arrange any group training later. ( This group training will be made available only if group of people come together at specified time. I am not having enough time to arrange groups).

And if you want to get training in Software testing, write to me at

Updates on August 16

One person has already joined this training program using the Introductory offer. So, now the introductory offer available for 2 persons only.

Updates on September 19
I am getting many requests for inexpensive Group/Batch training, so I am planning to arrange such a training in 1 st or 2nd week of October. I will publish a blog post with more details soon.

Updates on September 20
I have announced about the Group Training for learning QTP.
Since I started the Group training, I will not be doing one-to-one training further.

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