Saturday, October 15, 2011

Heello.Biz is available for Sales....

We had launched Heello.Biz by predicting the huge search volume for the exact match name "Heello".

And, now the search volume for the "Heello" is getting increased daily. CPC for the world "Heello" is Good.

Initially, we had a plan to develop some kind of Social Media promotion tool for this site.
But, right now I am NOT having enough time to concentrate on this site. I already engaged with lot of other projects.

After considering all these facts (Good search volume, Good CPC, No Time for further development), I had decided to sell this site to someone who can utilize the earning potential of this site.

Since this is exact match domain for the keyword "Heello", just by doing little SEO promotion, the site buyer can bring this site to first page of search engines results for the world "Heello". And, they can get lot of traffic as the search volume for this keyword "Heello" is getting increased.

So, if you are interested to use this rare opportunity you can participate in this Flippa Auction which will be ended in few days.

Heello.Biz is For Sale on Flippa!

Updates on October 18th

Flippa Auction was ended without getting successful bid. So, I listed this Heello.Biz site in Digital Point Forums. You can see it here.

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