Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Page RPM is high for Interest-Based Ads of Google AdSense

Today, I came to know that Page RPM for Interest-Based Ads are high for our sites comparing to the Contexual Targeting and Placement Targeting.

Interest-Based Ads means, Google will show the advertisements on a blog or website based on the browsing history of the visitor. For example, if I visit my blog after visiting our qtpbook.com site, Google may show the QTP related advertisements in my blog.

Actually I had noticed this kind of Interest-Based ads one year back itself.

Normally, Google AdSense will show ads using "Contexual Targeting" which shows ads based on the content of the page. Apart from "Contexual Targeting" Google allows "Placement Targeting" which shows advertisements by giving option for the AdWords Advertisers to choose our pages to show their ads.

Based on my analysis, these "Contexual Targeting" ads are giving relatively high earnings even when the CTR for these ads are comparatively low.

Now, I have below questions.

1. Why "Contexual Targeting" ads are giving high earnings? Is it happening only for me, or everyone is seeing the same pattern?

2. Why CTR for "Contexual Targeting" ads is low? Or, is it happening only for me?

3. Is it possible to show more number of "Contexual Targeting" ads by doing any changes in our adsense settings or in our pages?

You may answer for these questions thro' the comments.

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