Thursday, October 27, 2011

R to Z Media is getting ready to connect the traditional Media and the Modern Media.....

I had published a post about RtoZ Media few months back.

There were no further updates/progress about R To Z Media even if Randi Zuckerberg had made announcement about R to Z Media few months back itself.

Even the official website of R to Z Media "" was NOT developed in these 3 months period. It was just showing the default page of Godaddy.

Questions were raised about the Future of the R to Z media.

It seems this condition is changing slowly. R to Z Media had taken initiative to actively involve in the business operations.

Now, atleast they came up with single page site including about R to Z Media logo and a form for registering our emails to get updates about R to Z Media.

And, this single page site shows below message above the Email registration form.

We are engaged in intersecting the world of traditional media with social technology.
Be the first to find out what that means for you

And, Randi Zuckerberg had given an interview about R to Z media.

First up, can you tell us a little about your new venture RtoZ Media? You've been relatively tight-lipped to date...

We're still in "stealth mode," but what I can tell you is that I've always been passionate about live events and making content more "social."  In my new company, I aim to work with some of the world's leading media companies and brands to bring a social layer to their products and content.

Randi with Celsea
You are founding RtoZ Media from scratch. What common challenges do entrepreneurs and new business start-ups face in terms of marketing, branding and building a social media presence?

The biggest challenge has been to come up with a single, clear mission statement that guides all of our business, marketing, and branding principles. There is so much we want to do, it's hard to boil it down to one mission. But that is crucial for the success of any business. I also think prioritization is a huge challenge – learning when to say "no" is a highly valuable skill, and just as important as saying yes!

And how are you addressing these at RtoZ Media?
I am building a great team. We keep each other honest and make sure that we are always prioritizing our work effectively and making decisions in line with the overall brand and strategy.

You graduated from Harvard with a psychology degree. To what extent has an understanding of people and human behaviour helped you in your roles at Forbes, Facebook and now RtoZ Media?
A fundamental understanding of why humans do what we do – why we think the way we think, why we make decisions to buy products, etc – has been extremely helpful to me. if it wasn't for psychology, I never would have discovered my passion for a career in marketing.
 Let us see how it is coming up. An interesting thing is, lot of visitors are coming to this site by searching "RtoZ Media". According to the Bloggers stats and Google Analytics Reports, "RtoZ Media" is the Top 1 keyword which drives huge traffic to this blog even if  this blog is having very few articles about RtoZ media.

I am just wondering how people are started searching about "RtoZ media" while Randi is taking steps very slowly to promote her firm R to Z Media.

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