Wednesday, October 26, 2011

YouTube video buffering/loading is taking too much time after using "stabilize" option in YouTube ?

Few days back I created and uploaded a video "Do it Anyway" to YouTube.

I had noticed "Stabilize" option under "Video Edit" feature of YouTube. I used this "stabilize" option to automatically improve the quality of the video. The preview showed some improvements in the Quality of the video.

But the buffering/loading of this video is taking too much time after enhancing the quality. I am NOT sure whether this "slow loading" is related to the "stabilize" feature or due to some other reason.

I had tried to get more details to fix this issue by doing Google search. But I couldn't get relevant answer. Even the Google YouTube Help files are NOT telling any fix for these kind of issues.

If you know the way to improve the the video loading speed, you can share it thro' the comments.

I had taken YouTube speed Test also. Find below the result. It seem there no significant change in the speed.

(Taking speed test is easy. Just right click the YouTube Video, and click "Take speed Test" option in the context menu.)


It looks like this issue occurs only in my machine. Few Other computers are loading it properly. Note that my machine is loading other videos quickly. It seems this behaviour is very strange.

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