Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flippa Restricts Hyper Links in Auction Listing Description [Solved]

Today I came to know that the website selling/buying marketplace website is NOT allowing links in the Auction listing.

Few days back, I listed our site in the Flippa auction. But it was ended without meeting the reserve price.

So, today again I listed it for half price.

Normally while relisting the Auction, Flippa will retain the old Description "as it is". But today it automatically removed the hyper links in the Description.

Initially I thought there may be some issue in my browser as FireFox recently updated the new version. So, I tweeted @Flippa as "@flippa I am NOT able to add Links within the Listing description. Is this a new restriction from Flippa? or any issue from my browser?"

But I didn't get any reply tweet from Flippa.

So, I did some analysis to make sure that it is NOT the browser or editor issue. I checked all the new listings in the Flippa. None of them were having links in the description.

So, it seems Flippa is restricting the links in the Auction listings.

And, real time traffic reports of this blog shows that some people are visiting my previous post about Flippa by searching "links in flippa auctions"

It confirm that Flippa's blocking of Links in the Auction listing.


@Flippa replied for my Tweets saying as "Thanks for the heads-up, we'll look into this.". So, it looks like technical issue than policy change. I will update here if I get any additional details.

Further updates
Flippa corrected this issue
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