Friday, January 27, 2012

Are you a Good Designer willing to showcase your Talents? This opportunity is for You!!!

Many companies are outsourcing their Design related work thro' Freelance websites. Mostly everyone will be asking for the samples of previous work before awarding the project. The Beginners will not  get a chance to show any previous work as no one will be willing to give any task without seeing the previous work.  This will go cyclic to form Deadlock.

Similar problem will be faced by Fresh Developers as well as Fresh Article writers also. Developers have the option to use the Open Source platforms  for getting work experience. And, Article Writers have the Guest Post option to get work experience in their writing career. But the Designers are NOT having much options to show their talents.

To help the Designers, I have taken an initiative long back by creating separate blog for showing the work of the Designers. But that initiative was NOT successful as my blog fails to get visitors.

Now I have decided to allow the Designers to show case their designs in our Motivational Quotes site "TheQuotes.Net" which is getting good number of visitors within short period of launching the site.

So, I think this Quotes site will be the appropriate place for showing the creativity & designs.

The Designers who are interested to show their Designs in TheQuotes.Net should contact me ( with their designs.

And, find below the Terms and Conditions.

- The Size of the image should be 500px X 500px. Refer the Sample.
- The Image file size should not exceed 150KB, and prefer to have around 50KB.
- And, the image should hold any of quotes in this list. If you are planning to use the Quotes which is not available in the list, you need to check with me to make sure that your Quotes is suitable to be displayed in TheQuotes.Net site.

- I will get the full ownership of the images. (i-e I may sell the site with all images at any time without informing the Designer)
- The Designer can mention their email id or website URL on the image.
- I reserve the right to reject any unsuitable images.

TheQuotes.Net will start getting huge traffic as I have taken initiative to promote our Auto Tweets system which will get traffic to this site virally.

And, I plan to promote/highlight  the attractive images so that they will get more exposure. I plan to choose the attractive images based on the count of  social media Shares.

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