Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Surviving from 95P.com Virus

Today I came to know about 95P.Com Virus. I got a chance to see a machine affected with this 95p.com virus.

I am NOT sure how that computer was affected with 95p.com virus.

But I saw the impact of the virus. It redirect any link opened from Google Search results to 95p.com  Initially I thought 95p.com is just spyWare or adWare. But it looks like a virus. I couldn't identify the process name related to 95p.com virus in the Task Manager.

The sample problem occurs when doing search from Ask.com and Yahoo.com also.

I did some Google search for removing this virus. And, it looks like it is difficult to remove it manually. Almost all the blogs/sites are suggesting to find the name of the random process related to 95p.com from Task manager before start removing the entries related to that process from Registry thro' regedit.

But that suggestions were not helpful as I couldn't find the process name itself. Many sites offered to give some cleaning tools for removing the 95p.com redirect virus. But I am not sure whether they will work or not.

If you know more about this 95p.com virus, you can share it thro' the comments.

And, if you are affected with this virus, you can use this page for doing Google Search. The Search result from this page is exactly same as Google.com Search results.

Remember the below URL to do Google search when you are affected with 95p.com virus or any other similar situations.

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