Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why the Salary for "Software Testing" over takes Salary for "QTP"?

Recently Google YouTube had informed me that my Channel becomes the part of YouTube's Partner program which will allow me to earn good revenue by releasing quality, unique and useful videos on my YouTube Channel.

So, I had decided to add  lot of Tutorial Videos for Software Testing and QTP for Free. Before joining Google's YouTube partner program I thought of publishing those videos as paid content.

Today I have noticed a strange thing while preparing Tutorial video  for explaining What is QTP.

 I was trying to compare the salary of   QTP and Software Testing using data.

The comparison of QTP Vs. Software Testing gives strange result.

From the above result graph, we can understand that the salary for QTP related jobs went down past months while the salary for "Software Testing" went high during that same period.

I am NOT sure whether really the salary for QTP got reduced or this result is due to some other reason (e.g Indeed data collection problem, search term might have changed).

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