Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Listed our Social Media News Site RtoZ.Org for sales in Flippa Auction.

I have started a Tech news site few months back for giving latest news about Social Media especially about Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The domain name "RtoZ.Org" is more appropriate for giving the Social Media News, as the Facebook former Marketing Director Randi zuckerberg is planning to bring a huge social media firm which may have the keyword "RtoZ" in its name (either RtoZMedia or R to Z Studios). And, I am sure that this name will be easy to remember and type.

This site is having more than 150 unique posts (News articles). And, Google will index the new posts immediately. So, this site can be used for giving tech news about trending topics. For example, this site had appeared in front page of Google on April 24th for the Trending keyword. So, the adsense income on that day alone is $220.(refer the screenshot)

This site "" is having huge earning potential. But, right now the traffic and income are insignificant as we focused more on adding News than promoting the site and doing monetization. Anyway, we had done lot of link building for improving the SEO value. I already applied for including this site to Google News and Bing News and waiting for them to include it.

I had set very low BIN price for this site as I decided sell this site quickly. Because I am having lot of other important plans (e.g starting our own automatic resume submission service, making our site as the Top motivational Quotes site, etc) to execute soon. So, I keep both the Reserve price and BIN price very low to complete the sales soon.

And, note that this is NOT an Autoblog. The buyer of this site should update the Tech news manually.

If you are interested to use this opportunity, you can add your bid here. is For Sale on Flippa!

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