Monday, May 14, 2012

Updated Card Matching Memory Game site with new Design and Bug fixes.

Few months back we have launched a website "PlayMemoryGame.Com" for allowing the users to play Card Matching Memory Game.
And, we had added Games in various Topics including the topics that will be attracting the kids too.

I came to know that this Card Matching Game was having some small bugs that were showing up in specific situations.

Now, our Team has fixed these bugs. And, apart from fixing the bugs, our Team had improved the look and feel of the site. We grouped the topics under various categories so that the player can easily choose his favorite topics.

And, we had done some more tweakings to make it more SEO friendly and Social Media friendly. For example we updated the script to keep the meta description unique. And, we added Favicon.

Right now, this site is not getting much traffic. But I am planning to bring more visitors to this site by putting the links of this site in our other sites once after completing our Testing.

Let me ( know if you still find any bug in this site. And, If you are interested to buy this site you can contact me with your offer price.

And, if you want to buy the script alone (i-e without domain and data) you can refer this page.

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