Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Top 10 Facebook Tips

Social Media especially Facebook is Growing very fast. Most of the companies are using Facebook to promote their products and Services.

It is important to use the Facebook very carefully. Read below Top 10 Facebook Tips.

1. Use strict privacy settings. Don't keep your personal details (Date of Birth and Place) public to prevent the thieves to steal away your financial life and credit.

2. Pre-approve tags. Choose the settings that allow you to see everything you've been tagged in (including photos) before the tag links to your page. It is very important because the strangers can tag inappropriate photos with your profile, and it will spoil your reputation.

3. Employers commonly peruse Facebook to determine who to hire (or not), so be careful about your Facebook updates.

4. Don't leave any clues about your password on your Facebook profile.

5. Keep separate Facebook fan page if you sell any product or service. Don't use your profile/wall to post details about your products or services.

6. Don't post links/url of your website or blog posts in your Facebook friend's wall. They may choose to hide it. It will signal the Facebook to reduce priority to your updates in News feed. Instead post your links in your own wall. And, never ask the Facbook users to like/share your updates. And, reduce the use of Hash tags.

7. Connect your Facebook updates with other social media sites (e.g Twitter) so that you need NOT post your updates many times in various social media sites.

8. Don't post your vacation plans in Facebook.

9. Ignore any irrelevant Facebook Game requests received from strangers and block any further Game requests.

10. Remember to logout from your facebook account when using it from public computers.

Watch the below video to see these top 10 Facebook tips as Video.

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Shasing19 said...

I learned a lot of information from your Facebook tips that youve shared with us. I usually shared a link on a friends wall but after reading your post, and find out that it is not good enough instead it can harm my facebook I will never do that again. A lot of thanks on this valuable post.

Website Developers Singapore said...

The video you posted for this article is just brilliant! :) And these tips are truly helpful since most users tend to take for granted the security of their account. Thanks.

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