Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Unique advantage of publishing News in YouTube. Will YouTube can be used as primary News publishing site?

I have started a website few months back for publishing latest News about Social Media.

And, we had published many latest social Media News in that website. But still this site is getting moderate number of visitors only, while we spent lot of time and effort for collecting latest news about Social Media and publishing them at appropriate time after taking certain steps to verify the reliability of the news.

So, recently I had done some analysis about making use of our efforts that are spent for publishing Latest Social Media News. And, I found the main reason why our News posts are not getting attention of many news readers.

Let me explain it in details.

Most of the Search search engines(Google, Bing) are having separate "News" tab apart from regular Web Search Tab.

For example "Google News" is popular among many people. Google won't show news from all websites in this "News" section. It will show news from only certain websites which are approved by Google as News Sites. I already applied with Google and Bing few months back for including our site in their News Index. And, I got reply from both Google and Bing saying that they will do it. But still it is not yet included in the News index. It looks like lot of time will take to include the news website into News section of the popular search Engines.

One more thing is, few News items will be getting displayed in first page of Google search results irrespective of the search rank of those news items.

For example, today (May 30th 2012) many people are searching for the keyword "Peter Carl Fabergé" as the Google is showing Doodle for the famous Russian Jeweller "Peter Carl Fabergé" today . i-e Search volume of "Peter Carl Fabergé" will be very high today.

There were lot of webpages available with good Search rank for showing information about "Peter Carl Fabergé". But Google's Search Results for the search words "Peter Carl Fabergé" will include few news items that are posted by the websites which are approved by Google as "News Site". And, they will be appearing at top of the search results while other sites with Good Search rank will be getting displayed below them.

In brief, Google will use the News articles from News sites for showing them in regular search results in addition to showing them in "News" tab. i-e The competition between the web pages for showing them in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) won't happen in equal conditions. In other words, the webpages that are part of Google News will be given higher priority over other websites.

For example, I had published News about Google Doodle at our Social Media News site at this link immediately after noticing the Google Doodle today. But this webpage didn't appear in the first page of the SERP as the RtoZ.Org is not yet included into the News Index of the Google.

And, I have noticed that apart from including News items, Google is showing YouTube videos also in the SERP. From my previous experience I had learnt that there is NO discrimination between regular videos and News Channel videos. Apart from Google Search, we can additional visitors from YouTube itself. Recently I came to know that YouTube is the most used search engine after Google.

So, I had created this video about "Peter Carl Fabergé" and uploaded it in YouTube.

Now, this YouTube video is getting more visitors than the News page. (YouTube hasn't updated the public views count yet. I think it will do tomorrow. I am seeing the updated view count from Adsense report) So, I had decided that I should publish the latest news in YouTube than publishing it in till Google is including into their News index.

I would like to know the disadvantages of publishing news in YouTube before spending more time and effort on creating YouTube videos for telling the latest News.

One important disadvantage I already knew that errors in YouTube video can not be corrected once after uploading it. Another thing is, I heard that many people won't have enough bandwidth to see the youtube videos.

What do you think about making YouTube as primary News publishing Site? You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

Personally I am seeing more advantages in spending time on YouTube for publishing latest News. Because my Adsense report is showing Good RPM comparing to my other websites. I think it is because of pre-roll ads in the YouTube.

Anyway, I would like to know the hidden risks or future risks associated with using YouTube as primary News publishing sites.

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