Thursday, July 12, 2012

Enhancement of our Recruitment process to close our urgent "SEO Trainee" Job opening soon.

Few weeks back I had published a blog post about "SEO Trainees" Job opening for the Fresh Engineering Graduates.

I had asked the qualified candidates to send their resume to our email id.

We had received hundreds of Resumes from the candidates, even though I had clearly mentioned about the initial salary/stipend as Rs. 3,000 per month.

We had spent lot of time in shortlisting the candidates and arranging interview for them. And, Finally I selected the desired candidates. But none of them joined on the date on which they committed to join.

I was surprised to see this. So, I thought of arranging walk-in interview which was very successful previously. But I hesitate to arrange walk-in interview, because huge number of candidates will appear for the walk-in interview while we have only few openings. If I announce walk-in interview, lot of job boards and blogs will publish about the walk-in interview even if we are not informing about our walk-in interview to them.

So, I thought of finding another good way to eliminate non-serious candidates without giving much burden to the serious candidates. I came up with below three things as the reasons for the candidate not picking up the opportunity.

1. Non-serious candidates are also applying for the job even if they are not interested in the job opening. Because just sending email won't require any effort from their side.
2. Most of the candidates are NOT knowing about the nature of the SEO job.
3. The candidates are not knowing about our company and projects.

Because of these three reasons, the selected candidates are NOT joining the offered job.

So, I came up with a plan to address all these 3 things. We have launched a candidate registration form where they need to give details about our company and their knowledge about SEO. (Note that the candidate need not be an expert in SEO, as we will train them in SEO. But they should know the nature of SEO job)

Once after submitting this Form, the candidate will be given a reference number and an email id to which they send their resume along with the given reference number.

I will be considering only the resumes that are submitted with the reference id.

I believe this new process will help to avoid the non-serious candidates without giving much burden to the serious candidates.

If you know anyone who is interested in our current job opening, you can ask them to apply at immediately as we have urgent job opening now.

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