Sunday, July 15, 2012

Motivational Quotes Videos for TheQuotes.Net Facebook Page Fans

I have added "Videos" Tab to the Facebook Fan page of our Motivational Quotes Website TheQuotes.Net

And, I had added lot of Motivational Quotes videos to this Videos page. And, I made it available only to the Fans of the Facebook page.

i-e The Motivational Quotes videos will appear only after the user likes the Facebook page.

I believe this new feature will be giving the unique advantage of being the Fan of our Quotes WebSite Facebook Page.

As of now this Video page has many Motivational Quotes Videos, and I am planning to add more inspiring videos to this page.

I welcome any suggestions to improve our Motivational Quotes Website Site further. We are continuously working on making our Quotes website TheQuotes.Net more SEO friendly and Social media friendly so that we can make TheQuotes.Net as World's Most Popular Motivational Quotes Website. And, therefore we are working on improving the Quality of the website and planning to add more inspiring Content. Let me know if you find any issue in loading/navigating our Quotes website "TheQuotes.Net".

And, if you are a motivational Speaker I welcome your content if it meets our Guest Post Guidelines.

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