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Reviewing Our Plans .... and, changing the priorities... Going to make TheQuotes.Net as Most viewed Motivational Quotes Site.

In January 2011, I had listed below things as To Do List.

As of now, I am thinking about doing below tasks. I have listed them without any specific order. It may change based on further analysis.

- Releasing an eBook about Web development.

- Including hot trends in QualityPoint Twitter application.

- Enhancing QualityPoint SEO Tools. Especially improve performance of keyword position finder and release a new feature frequently in domain analysis Tool which will be released in few days.

- Developing Smart Search Engines for specific categories (e.g live music events)

- Improving internal email marketing Tool and releasing it for public also.

- Adding New topics in Software Testing eBook.

- Running contests for promoting Time sheet sales while creating awareness about Time Management.

- Releasing our internal Affiliate marketing software to public also .

- Improving the integration between QualityPoint Forum and other QualityPoint Applications.

- Releasing internally using scripts such as "failed email collector" and any other cURL based scripts.

- Developing Job search engines with own crawling and indexing of data.

- Adding new modules (e.g Leave module, project and employee hierarchy) and per hour rate enhancement

- Enhancing product sales pages.

- Converting existing scripts into wordpress plug-in.

- Adding more products in our products page, and releasing them in the form of wordpress plug-ins also.

- Creating apps. for smart phones. (Atleast convert few of our existing products to fit with smart phones)

- Introduce Mobile friendly version of our websites.

- Doing more analysis about effectively using Google AdWords.

- Developing Social media marketing Tool. Initially we will include the social media sites which attracts more traffic and provide APIs. Later we will include more social sites step by step.

- Adding more topics and content in our Quiz and Easy learning.

- Tuning "Most viewed" feature of our social bookmarking site.

- Tuning the NewsBot content of our Social bookmarking site.

- Enhancing AutoTweet feature of our Twitter application with more functionality.

- Creating Video Demo for all our products to explain them to the users easily.

- Integrating Inventory module with our Time Sheet script.

- Taking steps to increase stability of our free onlline time sheet application. (Currently lot of users started using it)

- Taking steps to prevent spam posts in our Forum automatically. (currently it needs some manual work to prevent Spam in our Forum)

- Creating facebook applications to promote our easy learning game and Quiz.

- Taking steps to hire skilled engineers who are interested in joining with us to develop products that can dominate the world IT market in coming decade.

- Improving look & feel and navigation in our all our sites and blogs.

- Including our Social bookmarking feature in all link sharing services such as AddThis, AddToAny, etc.

- Either selling or Promoting ArtsPoint.Net

- Releasing many new Twitter based apps. apart from our already released applications.

- Automate the Press release process.

- Managing QualityPoint Group in LinkeIn effectively so as to attract more members.

- Enhancing our Affiliate management software.

- Developing Tools useful for freelance workers. Mostly it will help the freelancers to get projects without depending on the freelance sites which waste their time in poor arbitration process. (This task will be almost similar to development of our smart search engine)

- Effectively using cURL for doing data extraction and auto posting to enhance and promote our products.

- Systematically avoiding time wasting clients so that we will have enough time to spend for our genuine clients and for developing our own products. As part of this effort I am going to increase the upfront payment percentage so that only the people having clear requirement details will approach us.

- Develop our smart News reader script further by adding more finance news sources apart from yahoo news.

- Introducing Language changing option to few of our products. Currently plan to use Google translate to create the language specific files. In future we may tune them manually also.

- Effectively using great experience and knowledge gathered by our Team while developing a web application for automatically posting resume to more than 70 US job sites for our client. We will use this experience to develop similar tool for Indian market or UK market. Or, we will be developing a Tool for allowing the users to automatically post their links to lot of directories and search engines.

- Finding ways to use our expertise in Reverse Auction script development. (as of now, least priority)

We have done few things in this List, and few of them are in Pending state. And, most of the items in this list are not yet started.

And, I am planning to postpone the pending Tasks in this list for few more months or years. Because, most of the items in the list require skilled and experienced employees, and many tasks will take many months or years. But, we face high employees attrition rate. As a Start-up, retaining skilled employees for long time is difficult. In fact, I don't want to retain them forcefully(e.g Bonds). Because many corporates offer good salary which is much more higher than ours. So, I believe allowing our skilled employees to leave our company to join corporates will be the appropriate action I can do by considering welfare of them. And, it will help us to get new employees as they beleive joining our company will surely help them to reach corporate companies with good salaries in few months.

But it heavily affect our company from many perspectives. We used to spend lot of time and energy in training our new employees for many months so that they can start doing web development (php/mysql/wordpress/jquery) projects that are listed in my list. And, I had seen that most of the employees started searching other jobs immediately after getting trained. The new employees will again take significant time to learn the things, and they will also leave after few months. So, I found difficulty in completing my plans.

Since, the employees are leaving for higher salary, I had decided to hold these plans till the time where we too can offer the higher salary competitively.

So, I had tried various other models. e.g developing small websites and selling them thro' Flippa, and doing SEO, publishing News, Resume submission service, etc.

Among these different models, I found "Doing SEO" is most suitable for our company.

Because the new employees can learn SEO quickly and they can start their work in few days. And, even if the trained employee is leaving the company, it won't do any harm as the knowledge transfer process for SEO task is simple comparing to the web development.

Ultimately I found that high employee attrition rate won't affect us if we choose to do SEO instead of taking development works.

So, I have decided to focus more on SEO. Anyway I will be continuing few web development activities for our own needs and for our long term customers.

And, note that this is just an intermediate plan till we reach the time when we will be able to offer good salary to our employees so that they will be happy to work long term in our company.

Now, let me explain my plans about doing SEO.

I have many websites and blogs. First I want to focus on TheQuotes.Net

Let me explain the reason why I chose "TheQuotes.Net". I believe the domain name TheQuotes.Net is valuable, SEO friendly and easy to remember. And, lot of people like to read motivational Quotes irrespective of their country or age. We can understand it by seeing the search volume for Quotes related keywords in the Keyword analysis tools. And, we need not add the content frequently, and the content added today will be useful after many years also.

I have already done some initial on-page optimization for this motivational Quotes website. And, our Team has started promoting this website thro' social media also. We have created Facebook Fan page for this website.

And, I am putting lot of efforts to make sure that our Motivational Quotes site contains only the inspiring Quotes.

We are working on to create lot of Motivational Quotes Videos for promoting TheQuotes.Net thro' YouTube also.

And, I have taken initiate to send Free SMS Quotes for promoting TheQuotes.Net.

As page loading speed is more important for getting Good position in Search Engines, I have started taking steps for improving the page loading speed of TheQuotes.Net

Our AutoTweet feature is attracting many users so that TheQuoes.Net will go viral. Already more than 700 people are using this feature.

And, we are going to do lot of things to get quality backlinks. We are already doing Link Exchange. If you are interested we can add your link in this Quotes Sites.

I understand the tough competition for motivational Quotes related keywords and the Low CPC for the Quotes related keywords. But I am still seeing the opportunity as the Search Volume is very high. You can come to know about this fact if you do little research on for the Quotes related sites.

So, I am holding most of our development works for few months till we promote our Quotes website site to reach top position in Search Engines for many motivational Quotes related keywords.

I will update the progress in few weeks. I would like to make our TheQuotes.Net as Most viewed Motivational Quotes Site in few months. I believe win-win approach is the only way to achieve it quickly. So, I welcome any suggestions/plans from anyone to promote TheQuotes.Net as Win-Win approach.

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