Thursday, October 18, 2018

Will Dislikes of YouTube Videos affect the Search Position?

I heard that YouTube algorithms won’t differentiate Likes and Dislikes. They consider both of them as Engagement which is Good for the Video. But, personally I have noticed that my videos which receive many Dislikes are getting affected in terms of both Search Position and Ad Revenue.

Let me tell my understanding about why it is happening like this. Whoever coming to watch the video will stay for more time based on the number of Likes and Dislikes. In case of the video having lots of Likes and very few Dislikes, even if the viewers feel the first few seconds are boring or useless, they will continue watching the video by hoping that the later part will be useful or interesting. It won't happen for the Videos with lots of Dislikes. So, obviously Dislikes hurt the Watch Time which is a critical factor for getting organic traffic from YouTube. In summary, your Dislikes of our YouTube Videos will indirectly influence the search position by affecting the watch time even though YouTube algorithms are not giving importance to Likes or Dislikes.

Moreover if our Video get Likes, then those videos will be automatically included in the favorite playlist of all the people those who liked the videos. It will give more exposure to our Videos, and obviously, the videos will get more Views.

In summary, it is important to get more Likes and avoid Dislikes for our YouTube Videos. And I have realized that we don't have full control over avoiding Dislikes. Our Unique High-Quality Videos will also get Dislikes if the viewers hate the news subject. I already written about it in my previous post about why Facebook is not giving Dislike button.
I had mentioned that below question will rise in minds of Video watchers.

Whether the "Dislike" button in YouTube is available for signalling that the particular video is NOT Good or whether the content of the video is NOT liked by the viewer?

One of my Blog readers made this comment.
The same comment is true of the "Like" button. Maybe you "like" the news in particular or you "like" hearing the news about that person or subject. Or whatever. Your comment has no rational basis.

And, I made below reply.

I agree with your comment. But the core thing is, the reason behind the "Like" is not playing any role. If you are going to watch a video with more number of Likes, you won't care about whether it is because of video quality or because of the news content. I will tend to watch the videos with more Likes irrespective of the reason behind the Likes. But in the case of the "Dislike", the reason plays an important role. I will hesitate to start watching any Videos with more "Dislikes" by assuming that the video content will be poor or fake, but people might have disliked it because of the news itself. I might have watched the video irrespective of the Dislikes if I know this fact (i-e actual reason for the Dislikes)

Share your thoughts and experience through the comments.

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