Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Google’s Ever-Changing Algorithm & Tips to Brands on Ways to Optimize Their SEO - Guest Post

This Article is a Guest Post.

In the dynamic SEO scenario, technological innovations are consistently spurring ideas onward. There are multiple things that seem to be evolving in the SEO landscape and the first thing that comes to mind in this connection is voice search. Ever since the introduction of Apple’s Siri, Google’s voice assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa, users are always searching for whatever they require by asking their devices for delivering the required information.

Optimization of Voice Search

You may take, for example, people ask questions like ‘local cafes near me’ and they expect to find Google search results of cafes in their area. Content writers, SEO specialists, business owners, and of course, webmasters must ensure that they are generating content that would be answering these sort of queries while still utilizing the most appropriate and suitable schema markup. Your website must fundamentally include the perfect words for helping search engines to deliver more detailed and accurate results. You must keep in mind that everything could be impacting SEO rankings including headlines and even sub-headlines. You may seek professional assistance from reputed sites such as http://www.tayloright.com/, a reliable review company for identifying the best product in the market.

Mobile First Is the Key

Google is responding and even adapting to the constant evolution of SEO via mobile-first indexing. In this context, Google has already announced that it would be examining the mobile version of a specific website before assessing its desktop version to determine the best way of indexing and ranking the site. Some web designers are in the habit of creating a site without even checking how the site would appear on mobile screens. It is mandatory for business owners and webmasters to make sure that their websites are user-friendly, intuitive, and perfectly mobile-ready. Moreover, mobile site speed would be a vital factor, as far as; mobile-first indexing is concerned. Web pages that generally take some time to load on the mobile device would be suffering from poor rankings on the Google search engine due to the slow loading speed. Previously, Google only considered content and backlinks as the core factors in determining search engine rankings. Currently, Google is happy to use its AI or Artificial Intelligence, RankBrain for determining website rankings based on the number of visitors coming to the site, the number of them leaving the site and the amount of time they stay on the website. Google is also, taking into account the frequency at which a brand is actually mentioned without a backlink. As such, it is likely that you would be seeing brand mentions actually becoming a pivotal factor, as far as, SEO algorithms are concerned.

A Shift in Guest Post Intention

Another vital factor would be a certain shift in the focus and concept of guest posting on the third-party sites. For quite some time, we know that guest posting has actually been an effective and popular way of obtaining more backlinks for improving SEO rankings. However, currently, guest posting is being scrutinized by Google and is not regarded as the best way of gaining backlinks anymore. People are advised that they must insert ‘no follow’ on guest post links. This would be telling Google that they must not count the link and due to this, no SEO credit would be received for any guest post backlinks. The main intention is to encourage people to create guest posts just for writing them. They must not entertain the ulterior motive of manipulating or boosting their SEO rankings.


Since Google is continuously making modifications and trying out novel ways how search results would be appearing, it surely would be quite fascinating to see what all they could be doing from an SEO point of view as the year progresses.

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