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Important Points to Consider while Choosing Apple’s iPhone X Car Chargers - Guest Post

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Charging has become an important aspect of our everyday living thanks to the overwhelming presence and use of mobile devices. Whether you are going for a long drive or simply going to the office, you simply cannot even imagine stepping out of your home without the car charger. Ever since the launch of the cutting-edge iPhone X, we are well aware of the fact that it is accompanied by innovative and novel charging features including wireless charging and fast charging. If you wish to make the most of the fast charging technology, you must understand ways to choose an Apple car charger for iPhone X. You must necessarily respond to a few questions while choosing a car charger for your iPhone X.

The questions that must crop up in your mind while choosing a car charger are the following:

  • Does it offer fast charging?
  • Are there more than a single socket?
  • Is the car charger of the right size suitable for my unique needs?
  • What is the length of the cable I would require?

Fast-Charging Car Charger for iPhone X

Apple has announced that iPhone X has the capability of achieving about 50 percent power charge in just half an hour by using a USB-C to the lightning cable. In case you want to enjoy this superlative speed, you must consider investing a lot in purchasing a USB-C to the lightning cable. Moreover, you must have a compatible charger with USB-C power delivery. You must visit reliable sites and stores for perfect Apple car charger India and all other perfect Apple solutions.

Some Top-Rated Fast-Charging Car Chargers for Apple’s iPhone X

  • Zendure Car Charger: Zendure is truly compatible and fully complements your iPhone X as it has the cutting-edge Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 or QC3.0 for providing you with the fastest ever charge.
  • RAVPower 24 W Car Charger: This is supposed to be a highly reliable and reputed brand for its high-quality products. This is a 24W car charger and is surely one of the best options for your iPhone X. It is known to support Qualcomm’s superior fast-charging standard. Its iSmart 2.0 USB and Type-C USB would be providing a robust combined output of actually 4.8A for simultaneously recharging a couple of devices at incredibly top speed.

Chargers with More than One Single Socket: Several car chargers have been designed with a number of sockets so that you could use it for charging more than a single device simultaneously. These ports would be coming with diverse specifications that could successfully output expedient charging for diverse devices at optimal speeds. Car chargers that boast of multiple ports could actually be shared with friends and family to keep the power off dilemma at bay.

Physical Size: Usually, you would not find much space all around the power port in your car, so it is best to buy a car charger that is small in size.

Cable Length: If you are purchasing a car charger with just one built-in cable meant for the iPhone X, then it is essential to measure its length. Experts would be advising you against buying a car charger that has an integrated cable since it restricts the devices that could be charged and most importantly if the cable is malfunctioning, you would have to replace it at once with a new one.

Some Reliable Products to Choose

Aukey 36W PD Charger: This is a highly affordable and small-sized charger that is just right for charging your iPhone X without any issues whatsoever. It flaunts a couple of ports. One port is meant for the USB-C devices and the other one is meant for the USB-A devices.

Anker 54W PowerDriver+4: This iPhone X car charger has one USB-C port and three USB-A ports that could be perfect for you, your friends, and family. You could easily share your iPhone X charger with the people who matter to you. It is absolutely the right one for fast charging as its charging capacity is 54 W.


Today, the market is flooded with numerous products that have certain similarities and so things could get pretty dicey while choosing the right products. The products discussed here have been hand-picked by experts. You would surely find the best one for your iPhone X.


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